Egg Carton Snowman Craft

Whether you want to keep the kids entertained during the winter or you want to make a cute DIY ornament to give to the grandparents, this egg carton snowman craft is perfect!


– Paper egg carton – Black buttons – Small piece of fabric – Paint – Glue – Pom Poms – Cardboard – Googly eyes – Orange foam sheet or cardstock – Bakers twine (optional)


– Paint brush – Scissors


1. Use the scissors to cut out a three well section from the egg carton. Paint this section of the egg carton white and let dry completely.

2. Cut out a small strip of fabric of your choice. Ours measured 1.5"x 13". Wrap it in between the first and second wells and tie to make it look like a scarf.

Terrain Map

3. Glue the two small, black buttons on the middle well.

4. Cut out a triangle carrot nose from the orange foam sheet. Glue it to the middle of the top well, just above the smile.

5. Position the googly eyes on the top well and glue in place.

Lined Circle

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