Elephant Craft For Kids

Lined Circle

There’s something inherently majestic about elephants and kids are naturally drawn to them too. That’s why we’ve created this cute elephant craft for kids.

We’ve made lots of animal crafts in the past, but never an elephant. Today we’re changing that with this simple project.

Lined Circle


– Colored cardstock (in pink and gray) – White cardstock – Dark gray marker – Glue stick – Elephant template


Download the elephant template, print and cut out the pieces.

Take the two eyes and glue them near the middle of the head, as the pictures show.

Terrain Map

Use the dark gray marker to draw wrinkle lines along the trunk. Glue the trunk in the middle of the head, slightly over top the two eyes.

Use the 5″ circle punch or scissors to cut out two circles for the elephant’s cheeks. Glue them on either side of the trunk.

Glue the pink inner ear to the gray outer ear. Repeat this on both sides.

Take the neck and glue it behind the elephant’s head, on the bottom side.

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