Frog Craft For Kids [Free Template]

We originally made this easy kids’ craft to give to Mom on Mother’s Day, but it works just as well for Father’s Day or for a loved one’s birthday.

Now, thanks to this fun princess paper bag puppet craft, they can bring their favorite fairy tales to life right in their own homes.


– Colored card stock (in light green, green, pink and red) – Black marker – Scissors – Glue stick  – Frog template

Download the frog template, print, and cut out the pieces.

Place the light green belly on the frog’s body and glue in place.

Place the frog’s front legs on either side of the belly and glue down.

Position the light green mouth area on the bottom part of the frog’s face and glue.

Glue the pink tongue onto the red mouth and trim off any excess paper.

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