Fun Pirate Gnome Craft  For Kids (With Free Template)

Ahoy, gnomies! Our mischievous gnome has traded his pointy hat for a swashbuckling pirate hat with this pirate gnome craft!

He’s all set to sail the seven seas in search of adventure with a pirate hat perched on his head, an eye patch covering one eye, and a treasure chest.


– Colored cardstock or construction paper – Glue – Scissors – Markers – Ruler – Pirate gnome template

Start by downloading the pirate gnome template and printing it out.

First, guide your child to glue the eye patch to the bottom of the left eyebrow.

Next, encourage your child to draw a straight line on the top of the eye patch to create the strap.

Now, glue the beard below to the back and bottom of the face.

Position the nose at the bottom of the eye and eye patch, then glue it between them.

Swipe up for full tutorial!