Baby Yoda  Paper Bag Puppet [Free Template] 

Looking for a cute and easy baby Yoda craft for kids to do? This baby Yoda paper bag puppet is perfect!

Somehow Yoda was always cute, despite his age, but once baby Yoda popped up in the Disney+ tv show, The Mandalorian, he stole the show.


– Brown paper bags – Colored card stock or construction paper – White card stock (optional) – .5″ and standard circle punch (optional) – Markers – Scissors – Glue stick – Baby Yoda template

Download the free baby Yoda template, print and cut out the pieces.

Begin by creating baby Yoda’s ears by gluing the pink inner ear to the green outer ear.

Once you’ve finished making the ears, glue them to the top flap portion of the brown paper bag.

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