Handprint Butterfly Craft For Kids

This handprint butterfly craft for kids makes a fun activity for spring, summer, or anytime your kids are learning about insects!

Using your child’s handprint turns a regular craft into a cherished possession for years to come.


– Colored cardstock (in your choice of colors) – Googly eyes – Black marker – Scissors – Glue stick – Pencil – 1.5″ circle punch (optional) – .5″ circle punch (optional) – .25″ circle punch (optional)

Trace your child’s hand onto 2 different colors of paper. Repeat again to end up with 4 handprints.

Use the 1.5″ circle punch or your scissors to cut out a circle from the green card stock. This will be your butterfly’s head.

Use your scissors to cut out a stretched out oval shape for the butterfly’s body.

Cut out two small ovals from the green card stock that will become the butterfly’s antennae.

Position one colored handprint with the thumb facing up, the fingers to the side and rotated out slightly.

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