Handprint Ghost  Art For Kids


It’s a fun way to get a little hands-on sensory play and turn your child’s hand into a very cute, very silly little ghost!


– Canvas or thick black card stock – Black acrylic paint  – White acrylic paint – Orange acrylic paint – Markers

If you're using the white canvas, cover the entire canvas in a few thin coats of black paint so the entire surface is completely covered in black paint.


Use the paintbrush to brush on a medium coat of white paint all over your child's hands.


Press your child's hand firmly down on the canvas/card stock, with their palm at the top and the fingers pointed down.


Pull your child's hand gently up, being sure not to smudge the paint as your pull the hand up.


Repeat as many times as you'd like all over the canvas. Let dry completely.


Swipe up for full tutorial!