Dad Will Love This  Free Printable  Star Wars Card  For Father’s Day

Lined Circle

[Free Template]

Are you and your kids Star Wars fanatics? If so, this free printable Star Wars card for Father’s Day is the perfect homemade card to give to Dad!

– White cardstock – Brad – Scissors – Small Hole Punch – Crayons or Markers – BB-8 Printable



1. Download the BB-8 template and print it on thick white cardstock.

2. If you’re using the full-color version, have your child color in BB-8 and sign his or her name inside the card.

Terrain Map

3. Cut out all three pieces.

4. Use a small hole punch to make a hole in the bottom, middle circle of BB-8’s head as shown in the pictures.

5. Line up the other two body pieces then place BB-8’s head on top of the body and mark the spot where the head hole is with a pen.

Lined Circle

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