I Love You To Pieces Mother’s Day Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Have kids show her just how special she is with this I love you to pieces Mother’s Day Craft. It’s an easy craft that’s fun and creative!

We just love our moms to pieces and they will always have a piece of our heart!


– Colored cardstock or construction paper – Pipe cleaners – Scissors – Glue – Tape – Heart template

Start by downloading the heart template and printing it out.

First, guide your kids to glue the eyes below each of the eyebrows onto the heart.

Next, have your child place the puzzle piece below the mouth and securely glue it in place on the heart.

Take a pipe cleaner and show your kids how to shape it into three fingers, then twist the end to create a hand.

Flip the heart over and tape the arms on each side, leaving enough length to bend them like they’re holding the puzzle piece.

Swipe up for full tutorial!