Jellyfish Sun Catcher Craft  For Kids

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Lined Circle

With this easy jellyfish sun catcher craft, kids can make their own colorful creatures to hang in their windows.

This craft is perfect for summertime when the days are long and the weather is warm.

Lined Circle


– Contact paper – Tissue paper squares – White cardstock – Permanent marker – Scissors – Double-sided tape – Jellyfish template


1. Download the jellyfish template, print, and cut out the pieces.

2. Take 2 pieces of contact paper that are larger than the jellyfish's body. Peel off the paper from one of them and place it, sticky side up on the table.

Terrain Map

3. Begin placing the tissue paper squares on the contact paper.

4. When all the tissue paper is placed on the contact paper, have an adult peel off the second contact paper and place it sticky side down on top of the tissue paper.

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