Paper Cup Octopus Craft For Kids [Free Template]

The ocean is brimming with incredible creatures like the octopus! With its eight wiggly arms, this undersea wonder is a favorite of kids and grown-ups alike.

Kids can bring this wonder to life with a fun and engaging paper cup octopus craft!


– Colored paper cup – Colored cardstock or construction paper – Scissors – Glue – Markers – Octopus template

Download the octopus template, print, and cut out the pieces you need. Position the cup with the rim side down.

Begin by gluing the inner half of the octopus’s eyes in the middle of the paper cup.

Create the mouth by gluing the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, then glue the completed mouth in the middle and just below the eyes.

Use a marker to draw some spots above the octopus’s eyes.

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