Paper Plate Fox Craft For Kids

[Free Template]

Lined Circle

Want a fun fox craft for the kids to do? This paper plate fox craft is easy, cheap, and fun to make!

We’ve made it even easier to recreate because we’ve included a free printable template. That means no guessing and no freehand drawing!

Lined Circle


– Paper plates – Orange paint – Pencil – Glue stick – Tape – Colored cardstock (cream/white, pink, orange, and black) – Fox template


Download the free fox template, print, and cut out the pieces.

Paint the paper plate orange and let it dry completely before moving on. Decide whether you want the fox’s ears to be made from a paper plate or cardstock.

Terrain Map

Place the fox’s head template on top of the dried paper plate, trace with a pencil and cut out.

Glue the fox face onto the bottom half of the paper plate, lining the edges up.

Place the fox’s nose at the bottom of the white face, in between the eyes and glue in place.

Terrain Map

Glue the pink cheeks on either side of the face, just below the eyes.

Alight the straight edge of the inner ear to the straight edge of the outer ear and glue in place. Repeat for both sides.

Take a piece of double-sided tape or loop a piece of regular tape and place it at the bottom of the fox ears.

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