Photo Nutcracker Craft  For Kids [Free Template]

Kids will love how they’ll be able to move the arms and legs on their photo nutcracker craft that’s customized with their own picture.

They’ll have fun putting together their nutcracker soldier, and our template will make it really easy.

– White cardstock – Scissors – Glue – Brads – Photo of your child – Small hole punch – Crayons or markers – Nutcracker template


Download the nutcracker template and print it out. If you’re using the black and white version, have the kids color in the nutcracker.


Begin by gluing the hat to the top of the child’s photo.


Take the hole punch and punch out all four of the circles on the nutcracker’s body, the circles on the nutcracker’s arms, and the circles on the nutcracker’s legs.


Swipe up for full tutorial!