Popsicle Stick Mermaid Craft For Kids

[Free Template]

Lined Circle

This popsicle stick mermaid craft is great for mermaid fans!

Download the free printable template and make this easy craft with the kids at home, school, or daycare.

Lined Circle


– Popsicle sticks – Scissors – Glue – Markers – Green paint – Paintbrush – Colored cardstock or construction paper – Permanent glue dots – Mermaid template


Download the mermaid template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

Cut a popsicle stick into thirds with the scissors. Line up 4 popsicle sticks evenly. Stretch out three glue dots to go onto the back of each of the cut popsicle sticks.

Terrain Map

Paint 3/4 of the popsicle sticks green. Let dry completely before moving on.

Use a pink marker to draw on the mermaid’s cheeks. Draw on two seashells to create the mermaid’s top.

Take the completed body and glue it to the top portion (unpainted part) of the popsicle sticks.

Begin to create the mermaid hair by gluing the bangs to the top of the mermaid’s head, just above the eyes.

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