Simple Handprint Minion Card Craft For Kids

Lined Circle

We’ve recently discovered that one of our favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is by making a homemade card.

Lined Circle

There’s nothing more sentimental to Mom and Dad then a DIY card made from their child’s hands, so we knew these minion cards would steal the show!


– Colored card stock – Glue stick – Black marker


– 1.5" circle punch – 1" circle punch – .5" circle punch – .25" circle punch – Scissors – Paper trimmer (optional) – Pencil


1. Fold a piece of yellow card stock in half with the fold line on the left side. Trace your child's left hand on the paper

2. Use the 1.5" and .25" punch to cut out two circles from the black card stock. Use the 1" circle punch to cut out one circle from the white card stock.

Terrain Map

3. Using the scissors or a paper trimmer, cut out two rectangles about .5" wide and as long as you need to extend to the outside of your child's handprint

4. Glue the .25" black circle to the middle of the 1" white circle, then glue both to the middle of the 1.5" black circle. This will be the minion's eye.

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