This Captain America Printable Mask Will Delight Your Little Superhero

Lined Circle

It’s perfect to foster creative play, for Superhero birthday parties or even to celebrate July 4th.

This is really such a quick, fun activity you can do with your kids to help unleash their inner superhero!

Lined Circle


– Captain America Mask   Template – Heavy, white cardstock – Small hole punch – Thin elastic – Scissors – Paint, crayons or tissue    paper

Directions For Tissue Paper Captain America Craft Mask:

1. Print out on the white cardstock. To print a child-sized version, use the “fit to page” option to make the mask smaller.

2. Cut out along the outline of the mask (ignore the wings and cut those off too) and inside the two eyeholes.

Terrain Map

3. Punch two small holes in the circles beneath the wings.

4. Use a glue stick to add tissue paper squares to the entire mask.

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