A Wintery Cardinal Handprint Craft For Kids

Since winter is right around the corner, we decided to create a new winter themed handprint craft.

This cardinal handprint craft is the perfect winter craft for kids of all ages!


– Colored cardstock or construction paper – Scissors – Cotton balls – Glue stick – Googly eyes (optional) – 1″ and .5″ circle punch (optional; you can also freehand with scissors) – Standard hole punch (optional)

Trace your child’s hand twice on the red cardstock and cut out each handprint.

Cut out a beak and legs for the cardinal from the yellow cardstock.

Cut a long strip of brown cardstock out for the base of the tree and two shorter ones for the branches.

Glue the long strip of brown cardstock vertically onto the light blue cardstock.

Glue the branches horizontally onto the tree trunk.

Swipe up for full tutorial!