Butterfly Card  Craft For Kids

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner…Have you made a homemade card to give to Mom or Grandma yet? This butterfly card craft is perfect for that!


– Colored cardstock – Googly eyes – Markers – Glue stick – Decorative items like glitter, stickers, etc – Butterfly card template


– Scissors – Stapler – Circle punch


1. Download the butterfly template, print and cut out.

2. Write your message near the wings' edge on the white butterfly cut out.

Terrain Map

3. Staple the colored butterfly template on top of the white cut out.

4. Use the markers and googly eyes to decorate the butterfly body. Glue the completed butterfly body to the top of the butterfly card.

5. Use the circle punches and decorative items to decorate the butterfly's wings

Lined Circle

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