Make This Easy Alien Handprint Card From  Toy Story 4

Lined Circle

Learn how to make this simple alien handprint card for Mom, Dad, teacher or anyone your child picks!


– Colored card stock (in green   and black) – White card stock – Glue stick (this one works    best for heavy paper) – Black sharpie – 1" & 1/2" googly eyes (or   circle punches if using paper)


– Scissors – Pencil – Circle Punches


1. Fold the 8.5"x11" green card stock in half "hamburger" style.

2. Trace your child's left hand on the paper, with their pinky placed along the fold line.

Terrain Map

3. Cut the handprint out with scissors, leaving the fold line along the pinky intact.

4. Using the 1" circle punch or scissors, cut out a 1" circle from the green cardstock for the top of the alien's antenna. Glue this to the top of the handprint's middle finger.

5. If you're using googly eyes, glue the 1" eye in the center of the handprint, then glue the 1/2" eyes on either side of the center eyeball

Lined Circle

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