Paper Bag Forky Craft


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Toy Story 4 may not be the newest Disney movie released but we just can’t get enough of its newest character, Forky! That’s why we’ve made this paper bag Forky craft.


– Brown paper bag – Colored paper (in red, blue, tan and white) – Scissors – Glue stick – Forky puppet template



1. Download the Forky paper bag template, print and cut out the pieces. 

2. Make the mouth by gluing the white inner portion to the blue outer portion. Glue the completed mouth just below the eyes.

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3. Now take the finished Forky head and glue it to the brown paper bag flap.

4. Take Forky’s arms or just the middle part of his arms and glue it in place in the middle of Forky’s body.

5. Place Forky’s body on the main part of the paper bag and glue in place. Glue the tan clay mound to the bottom of Forky’s body and trim off any excess paper.

Lined Circle

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