Penguin  Printable Craft  For Kids


Lined Circle

Kids need scissors skills because they help kids with hand-eye coordination and attention to detail. That’s why we made this penguin printable craft! It’s a fun way to practice cutting.


– White cardstock – Scissors – Glue – Markers, crayons, or paint (if   using the color in version) – Penguin template



1. Download the penguin template and print it out.

2. Color or paint in the pieces of the penguin. Let dry completely before moving on.

Terrain Map

3. Cut out all of the pieces. 4. Begin by gluing the belly    to the middle of the    penguin's body.

5. Place the beak in the middle of the head, where the belly and the body meet.

6. Take the eyes and glue them, one on each side, to the upper part of the penguin's belly.

Lined Circle

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