Puppy Valentine Craft For Kids [Free Template]

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, the stores will be loaded with tons of cute gift ideas. One thing we see every year is puppies! That’s exactly why were created this puppy Valentine craft! 


– Colored cardstock or    construction paper – Scissors – Glue – Pen – Brown marker – Puppy template


1. Download the puppy template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

Lined Circle

2. Glue the nose and mouth piece at the bottom of the puppy's head, so it hangs off at the bottom slightly.

Terrain Map

3. Position the eye circles just above the nose and glue them in place. Next, glue the eyes in the middle of the eye circles.

4. Use the marker to draw on the puppy's eyebrow just above the eyes.

5. Place the floppy ears on either side of the top of the head and glue it in place.

Lined Circle

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