Snowman  Paper Plate  Craft For Kids

[Free Template]

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These adorable penguin stick puppet printables make it even easier for kids to enjoy these gentle creatures up close and personal.


– Paper plates – Colored card stock (pink,   orange, black and color of   your choice) – Glue stick – Black marker – Snowman paper plate   template


– Scissors


1. Download the snowman paper plate template, print and cut out the pieces.

2. Cut out the snowman’s head from the paper plate by cutting just outside the smallest center circle of the plate.

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3. Cut out the snowman’s body by cutting just inside the line where the ridges end.

4. Place the pink cheeks in the middle of the smaller paper plate, one on each side and glue in place.

5. Glue the snowman’s carrot nose in the middle of the two cheeks.

Lined Circle

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