St. Patricks Day Jokes For Kids [Free Printable]

I don’t know where it originated, but somewhere along the way, school holiday parties became synonymous with sugary sweet junk food of any and every kind.

St. Patricks day party? Well, we must have green cupcakes filled with a golden center of icing, topped with rainbow sprinkles and 10 chocolate gold coins.

This year, I have another fun idea to help celebrate St. Patricks day with these St. Patricks day lunch notes.

There are six total and each of them has a funny joke for kids on them.

I plan to leave one printable note in my son’s lunch box and then put the other 5 throughout the house and car where I know he’ll see them.

And although he can’t read yet, I’m certain he will love finding them and memorizing all the jokes!

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