These Candy Free DIY Valentines  Day Cards Are A Boys Dream

I love being able to make some candy free DIY Valentines for my son to pass out to his friends in preschool. And being the semi-healthy, semi-crunchy mom that I am

I picked up these adorable foam airplanes, made by Spritz, from the party section of Target. They were $3 for a pack of six.

Lined Circle

If you don’t have a Target nearby or if they’re all out of these cute planes, there’s also these planes available through Amazon that come in a 24 pack for $7 (and free shipping if you have Amazon prime!)


All you have to do is print the card, cut them out, and attach the planes to the paper.

I simply used Scotch tape (or any clear, transparent wrapping tape) to adhere the wings to the paper.

Lined Circle
Terrain Map

Just don’t use a tape that is heavy duty because you don’t want the tape to pull the foam apart when it’s removed from the card.

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