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Fun Valentine Do A Dot Printables For Kids

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’re like us you’re on the lookout for fun activities that entertain, but also educate your kids as well, right?

If this is you, then we have the perfect thing to help not only entertain, but educate at the same time!

These Valentine’s Day Do a Dot Printables are the perfect solution and they require very little work from you.

Just download, print, and let your kids work on mastering pre-reading and math skills. 

Your kids will be entertained for hours with this bundle. Check out below what’s included! And, if your child loves these activities, check out all of our do a dot printables.

Dot Marker Art Activities

Valentine do a dot printables with the words valentine do a dot printables in the middle

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Dot marker art activities are especially fun for the kids to do! We swear kids want to do these over and over again.

In this Valentine’s Day dot a dot bundle we have included:

  • Number Hunt pages
  • Beginning Sounds worksheets
  • Dot Counting
  • Dot Patterns
  • Dot the Object
  • Dot the Numbers

These dot marker art activities can be printed in black and white or even in full color. If your kids love to do these over and over again we suggest printing a bunch of the black and white version for endless fun! 

Valentine Do A Dot Printables

This Valentine’s Dot bundle includes 5 dot the number pages. These pages are perfect for children who are learning to identify numbers. 

When your child spots the correct number they then dot it with their marker. To create a reusable page, just laminate it and then use buttons, beans, pom poms, or cereal to lay on each corresponding number. 

This printable pack also comes with 4 Valentine’s Dot the Letter pages that focus on the letters B, C, H, and L.  In this activity, your child will search for specific uppercase and lowercase letters. This is a great way to practice letter recognition in children of all ages. 

Valentine do a dot printables

Children can use the dot markers to dot the correct letters or laminate them for multiple uses and then use a dry-erase pen to use them over and over again at home or in the classroom. 

Our Valentine’s Day counting page is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are learning to count objects and then identify the number. Your child will count the objects in each rectangle and then mark the correct number in the same box. 

We’ve also included 3 Dot the Object pages in this pack. These 3 dot the object sheets are perfect for teaching kids to identify an object and then find it throughout the sheet. This skill is a pre-reading skill perfect for toddlers and early preschoolers. 

To build on those pre-reading skills, we have also included 2 sheets of beginning sounds. In these sheets, your child will look at the picture and sound out the beginning sound, and find that letter in the row. 

Valentine do a dot printables

Valentine Ideas For Kids

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate with your kids. From reading books to making paper crafts, there are countless ways you can enjoy the day with your little ones.

Let us help make this Valentine’s Day extra special with our best Valentine’s ideas! You’ll find creative options that will keep your children entertained for hours—whether it’s crafting adorable cards for their friends or getting lost in an exciting book! Get ready to have a heartwarming and oh-so-memorable holiday together!

Valentine Books For Kids

Reading books to your kids is one of the most valuable gifts we can give them – and parents everywhere should jump at the chance to do this! Not only is it an interactive way for kids to build their imagination, but it also helps improve their language fluency and literacy, prepares them for school success, and further enhances their understanding of the world.

With how fun books are these days (shout out to all those illustrated stories!), reading aloud quickly becomes a cozy event that’s filled with laughter and adventure.

See below for some of our favorite Valentine’s books for kids.

Love From The Crayons If your kids love any of the Crayon books, they’ll want to read this Valentine version where the crayons explore the bright colors and subtle shades of love.

The Invisible String – This is a sweet story all children will want to hear. It’s about a mother who tells her two children that they’re all connected by an invisible string.

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine – Join Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine’s Day cards to all his farm animal friends. As he does, he wonders, will anyone give one to him?

Valentine do a dot printables

Valentine Crafts For Kids

Creating crafts has so many benefits for kids beyond just being a fun activity. It encourages a child’s problem-solving skills and teaches them to be creative and resourceful. Crafting also helps to amplify a kid’s imagination, which can set the groundwork for their future success.

Not only that, but when children make something with their own two hands, they take personal pride in it and gain valuable confidence-building skills!

All this makes crafting an important part of the development of an all-important skill: resilience! See below for some of our best Valentine’s crafts for kids

Tiger Valentine Craft – Valentine’s Day crafts just got a whole lot cooler! How about making adorable tigers out of construction paper? It’s totally achievable, and your kids don’t need to be an artist or have fancy supplies. All they need to do is grab some construction paper, a trusty glue stick, a pair of scissors, and some markers or crayons. Before you know it, your kids will be gifting these critters to their favorite people!

Valentines Day Snow Globe Craft – Crafting a special Valentine’s Day snow globe together is an unforgettable way to celebrate! It’s a fun, unique activity that will be enjoyed by all ages and the finished project is sure to bring a smile to your kids’ faces. Afterward, your child can proudly display this cheerful memento of Valentine’s Day!

valentine crafts ideas for kids image collage

Bear Valentine Craft – Kids will have a bear-y good time making this fun Valentine’s Day craft! It’s an easy project requiring minimal supplies like construction paper, scissors, and glue. Plus, our bear template takes away all the guesswork. It’s easy enough for young ones to do with a little help and perfect for empowering older kids to do it by themselves. If they’re stumped on what to give someone special this Valentine’s Day, consider this crafty idea!

Panda Valentine Craft – Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids in the Valentine’s Day spirit? Look no further because this panda craft is exactly what you need on this special day. Not only will it make them smile from ear to ear, but it also provides an opportunity for kids to develop essential skills such as creativity, fine motor dexterity, and following directions. Plus, all you have to do is get a few basic supplies and follow the easy tutorial.

Valentine Activities For Kids

Valentine’s Day might not seem like the most educational holiday at first glance, but with the right learning tools it has the potential to be an incredibly fun learning experience for your kids! With our Valentine’s Day worksheets, your children are able to practice the letter “V” as well as work on their foundational literacy and motor skills. Plus, they get to enjoy colorful illustrations of hearts!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to help your little ones hone their scissor skills with our Valentine cutting practice worksheets! They’ll love this fun and festive activity that not only encourages them to use their scissors but also provides a number of educational benefits. From learning how to cut out along the dotted line, to practicing number recognition, counting, and more – your kids will love working with these fun pages!

valentine dot the object printables

These Valentine connect the dots are perfect for kids who want to have a blast on this special holiday. Whether you need an activity for a class or something at home, this can offer an interesting challenge to young minds. As they look at each of the numbers in the picture, they’ll be practicing both their fine motor skills and number recognition – it’s about having fun while learning!

Looking for Valentine’s Day activities for kids? Check out these free printable Valentine coloring pages! Coloring is a great way to promote creativity, boost educational development, and encourage children to express their feelings. These cute and fun coloring pages also provide a great way for kids to spend quality time together with family or friends.

Valentine do a dot printables

Valentine Fun

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For a chance to have your child’s craft featured, simply snap a picture of the completed project and post it to our Facebook page, email it to us directly by clicking here, or use #simpleeverydaymom on your social media!

More Valentine’s Day Activities

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