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Easy Bible Crafts for Kids W/ Free PDF Templates

The Bible is full of stories, lessons, and parables we can use to inspire and teach our children. But, sometimes, it can be challenging for kids to understand the deeper meanings behind these stories.

That’s where our bible crafts for kids come in! These fun and interactive crafts will keep children engaged while helping them understand and remember important biblical teachings.

Here at Simple Everyday Mom, we love creating crafts and activities that are not only fun but also educational!

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Crafts For Bible Stories

We have many crafts that pair perfectly with popular stories from the Bible. These crafts are simple, budget-friendly, and easy to make with just a few supplies. They’re also suitable for children of all ages, making them great for Sunday school or family time at home.

Be sure to check back periodically as we add more and more ideas to this post!

Adam & Eve Crafts

Apples have long been associated with the story of Adam and Eve, where they’re known as the forbidden fruit. Our tissue paper apple craft is the cutest way to celebrate the start of apple season and teach your kids a valuable lesson from the Bible! 

You can also try out any of these other apple crafts:

Good Shepherd Or Lamb Of God Crafts

Our handprint sheep craft is the perfect way to teach kids about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd or when learning about The Lamb of God. This simple craft is ideal for younger children and can be made with just a few materials! Plus, it’s the cutest way to preserve your child’s handprint as a keepsake.

Other sheep or lamb crafts you can try:

collage of sheep crafts for kids

Daniel And The Lions Den Craft Ideas

If you want to teach your kids the power of prayer, faithfulness, and trust in God, the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den is a great one to share. Afterward, make our lion paper cup craft with your kids to bring the story to life! Who knew a paper cup could make such a fun and meaningful craft?

We also have these other lion crafts to make:

Noah’s Ark Crafts

Aside from being a colorful symbol of hope and promise, the rainbow is also a powerful reminder of God’s covenant in the story of Noah’s Ark. Help your kids learn this important lesson by making our rainbow card craft! They can write their message of love, hope, and gratitude inside and gift it to someone special.

Other ideas that will work for Noash’s ark crafts include using any of our numerous (we have over 100!) animal crafts for kids.

collage of bible crafts for kids

Jonah And The Whale Crafts

For a fun craft that’ll engage your kids’ creativity and imagination, try our humpback whale headband craft. Your little ones can wear it while acting out the story of Jonah and the Whale or use it as a fun accessory for dress-up playtime!

Also, be sure to browse through these whale crafts:

More Sunday School Crafts

One recurring theme throughout the Bible is fire – it can represent God’s power, presence, and purification. It’s also a symbol of the Holy Spirit! This paper campfire craft is the perfect kid-friendly activity to explore these themes while letting your little ones get creative with colors and shapes.

This super cute wolf paper bag puppet craft would go well with the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Your kids will love making their very own puppet and retelling the story in a fun and interactive way. Our free printable template makes it easy to create, so let your kids’ imaginations run wild!

Donkeys play such an important role in the Bible, from carrying Mary to Bethlehem to The Good Samaritan parable. Kids of all ages will have so much fun making this donkey headband craft and pretending to be a donkey themselves!

collage of bible crafts for kids 2

The Plagues of Egypt are another story with many important lessons for children to learn. Our popsicle stick frog craft is not only fun and easy to make, but it also ties in perfectly with the second plague! Little kids will have the best time painting and assembling their cute frogs.

Our easy bear craft for kids would go well with the story of David saving his father’s sheep from a bear. This simple craft is great for younger children, as it only requires a few basic supplies and has easy instructions to follow.

Goats are often mentioned in Jesus’ parables, such as The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. Our goat paper bag puppet craft pairs perfectly with these stories! Plus, the simple design of the puppet makes it easy for even the youngest crafters to enjoy.

collage of bible crafts for kids

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes is a powerful story that always fascinates kids! Have them make this paper plate fish craft to go along with the story and watch as they learn about the miracle of sharing and generosity. This craft is also a great opportunity for kids to practice their coloring recognition skills.

In the Book of Revelation, an eagle is used as a symbol of strength and wisdom. So why not combine this lesson with a fun craft? Our eagle name craft will teach kids how to spell their name, while also creating a beautiful paper eagle to display!

More Ideas For Kids

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