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25 Fun Popsicle Stick Crafts [Free Templates]

Popsicle stick crafts are the quintessential kids’ craft. They’re popular at school, at summer camp, and they’re a lot of fun to do right in your own home.

You don’t even have to eat copious numbers of popsicles to gather enough sticks; they’re available for purchase right in your craft store.

Popsicle sticks are cheap, versatile, and durable. We always keep a bunch on hand to use anytime we get the crafting itch.

Whether you’re looking for a quick craft to do with the kids in just a few minutes or enough crafts to fill an afternoon, we’ve got you covered with lots of fun popsicle stick crafts, making everything from angels to frogs to tractors.

You can make anything you can dream up with popsicle sticks… promise!

Let’s get to some of our favorite popsicle stick crafts so you can get started right away.

Craft Stick Projects

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popsicle stick craft image collage

Everyone loves Baby Yoda, right? Of course!

Make this adorable popsicle stick Baby Yoda with a handful of mini popsicle sticks.

This sweet little popsicle stick sheep is a fun farm craft for kids to make! We love how this one is a different orientation than all of the rest!

When falls rolls in, grab your craft supplies and make this cute popsicle stick scarecrow craft.

popsicle stick craft image collage

Need a fun winter animal craft for the kids to make when it’s too cold to go outside? Try this popsicle stick walrus craft.

This popsicle stick butterfly is a simple spring activity children will love to create!

This popsicle stick groundhog craft makes us giggle every time we see it! Those big buck teeth are oh so groundhog-y.

popsicle stick craft image collage

Kids love the Easter bunny, so when Easter rolls around be sure to make this popsicle stick Easter bunny craft.

This popsicle stick arctic fox is a cool all-white animal that’s perfect for winter themed units.

Don’t forget about all the fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts! Save this popsicle stick leprechaun craft to celebrate!

popsicle stick craft image collage

Polar bears are too cute to pass up! Make this popsicle stick polar bear with just a few simple supplies.

Our popsicle stick dragonfly is the perfect craft to add to a unit on insects, but you can make it just for fun, too. 

Made with simple materials like craft sticks, tissue paper, and pipe cleaners, this craft is terrific for school, home, or even summer camp.

Everyone loves How The Grinch Stole Christmas, so this popsicle stick Grinch craft has to make our holiday crafting list!

popsicle stick craft image collage

When Thanksgiving rolls around, do a mini turkey trot with the kids and then head inside to make this adorable popsicle stick turkey craft.

Rudolph doesn’t get any cuter than this reindeer popsicle stick craft. We love the 3D touches of pom poms for his hose and bells!

This elf popsicle stick craft is another fun and quick holiday craft to add to your Christmas crafts list!

Who knew zombies could be cute, right? Create your own cute (or not so cute) zombie popsicle stick craft!

popsicle stick craft image collage

This is another fun winter craft to keep little hands busy on cold, blustery days. 

This popsicle stick snowman also makes excellent ornaments or gift tie-ons if you like to add a little something extra to gifts for family and friends.

Farm-loving kids will go crazy for this adorable tractor popsicle stick craft

You could even turn these into magnets for the fridge with your child’s face in the window area to look like he or she is driving the tractor.

Penguins are some of the cutest animals, aren’t they? We had so much fun making this popsicle stick penguin

It’s the perfect winter craft, and you can even turn them into adorable ornaments for the tree.

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day with these lovely Truffula trees based on the book The Lorax. 

These truffula trees will make fantastic bookmarks, and encouraging a love of reading would definitely get a thumbs up from any Seuss-loving family

These elephant popsicle stick craft is a creative and fun-filled activity that allows kids to construct their own adorable elephant using painted popsicle sticks. It is a brilliant choice for combining playtime with skill development.

Ready your kids to dive into a world of color and creativity. This owl popsicle stick craft turns simple materials into an adorable owl friend! It’s a fantastic way for kiddos to exercise their artistic side. It is also an engaging activity that helps fine-tune motor skills.

Our popsicle stick statue of liberty is a blast of fun and a splendid way for kids to show off their creative spark. As they’re piecing together their own Lady Liberty, they’ll be diving into the world of patriotic symbols and American history.

This uncle sam craft is a whirlwind of fun, creativity, and good old American spirit. It sparks those imaginative minds. It’s also a hidden gem for boosting fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

Let your kids’ imagination take flight with this popsicle stick eagle craft that is truly eagle-tastic! With just popsicle sticks, a splash of paint, and a dab of glue, kids can create their majestic eagle friend, ready to conquer the skies!

We hope you enjoyed (and pinned!) this list of popsicle stick crafts. Which ones do you think your kids will like best?

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