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30 Adorable Winter Animal Crafts For Kids [With Free Templates]

If you’re anything like us, winter is your favorite time to stay inside, all cozy and warm, and build memories with the kids.

A great way to do that is by crafting! And we’re here to share some of our favorite winter animal crafts for kids!

Read through and find your favorites to make or spread them out and make each one of them over a few weeks.

These crafts are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary-aged children.

Winter Animal Projects

winter animal craft image collage with the words winter animal crafts

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hand holding printable penguin craft

This printable penguin craft is a great activity to keep the little ones entertained. They can cut and paste parts of the animal together using fine motor skills! This fun, interactive printable will have them crafting in no time!

This winter, keep the kids entertained with this easy and fun owl babies puppet craft! All you need is a brown lunch bag, paper, scissors, and glue. Let your child’s imagination take flight while they create an adorable owl family!

hand holding popsicle stick walrus craft

Popsicle stick crafts are a fun and classic craft kids love to create! This popsicle stick walrus is pretty simple to make! Be sure to grab the free template to make it even easier.

two penguin headband crafts

You can’t go wrong with headband crafts and this penguin headband craft is so adorable! Just imagine how cute it’ll look on your little one’s head. It also has a free printable template to make it or a black and white version to color in!

Get ready for a wild time! Making a moose handprint craft with your children will be an awesome experience that requires no paint – just some paper, scissors, and glue!

Kids can’t get enough of handprint crafts?! This handprint walrus craft is super simple and big so little hands have an easier time making it!

two toilet paper roll polar bear crafts

This toilet paper roll polar bear is a cute and easy arctic animal craft for preschool and kindergarten children!

narwhal craft for preschool

This simple narwhal craft for kids is the perfect activity to do before or after Christmas! It’s cute, only uses a few supplies, and comes with a free printable template.

hand holding tissue paper penguin craft

This easy penguin tissue paper craft is perfect for kids. It’s fun and simple and great practice for fine motor skills. Plus, it’ll be adorable hanging on your fridge this winter!

polar bear headband

This paper polar bear headband craft is a simple activity that kids can make from paper or they can color in the black and white version. When they’re finished, it’s an adorable winter accessory they’ll want to wear everywhere!

hand holding paper plate snowy owl craft

Kids will love this snowy owl paper plate craft. All you need is a few supplies and some creativity from the little ones to make it come alive! It’s so easy, fun, and they’ll be done in no time at all!

2 printable penguin crafts

Kids love this fun penguin printable craft! Cut out the body, feet, and features of a penguin. This activity is great for practicing using scissors in an engaging way that’s geared just for them.

hand holding handprint arctic fox

If your kids love handprint crafts, this handprint arctic fox is great for winter! All you need is some paper, scissors, and glue and you’re ready to go!

paper bag penguin craft image collage with the words paper bag penguin in the middle

Paper bag puppet crafts are so fun not only to make but also to play with when they’re done making them! This penguin paper bag puppet is adorable and easy to do at home or at school.

2 tissue paper polar bears

Learn how to make a cute and fun tissue paper polar bear craft with this free printable template. This is an easy winter activity that kids will love!

hand holding paper plate walrus craft

Mix art and crafts with this paper plate walrus craft. Let the kids paint, glue and create their own little character this winter.

arctic puffin craft

Make this cute puffin card craft from the movie Elf! It’s a simple homemade card that’s great to give to someone special.

snowy owl craft

Winter is coming! Get your kids in the spirit with this snowy owl printable craft. This easy cut and paste activity will keep them entertained during a long winter day. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even know it’s educational!

Have a fun night in making this paper plate penguin craft! It combines painting and crafting, so it’s perfect for creative exploration!

arctic animal paper craft

Can you believe how cute this polar bear handprint craft is? It’s a perfect winter animal craft that is super easy to make with your kids or students. And there’s no messy painting involved!

printable reindeer craft image collage with the words reindeer printable craft in the middle

Kids love to paint or color? Try out this printable reindeer craft. They can make their reindeer look any way they want! Just color or paint and then glue together!

hand holding popsicle stick polar bear craft

You can never have too many popsicle stick crafts, right?! This popsicle stick polar bear is adorable!!!

easy handprint owl craft for toddlers

This handprint snowy owl craft is a great winter activity that your kids will love. It’s fun, easy to put together, and can be done with preschoolers through elementary school children. The best part about it? You don’t have to worry about messy paint!

hand holding walrus paper bag craft

This paper bag walrus craft is a quick and mess-free activity that’s great for indoor time.

hand holding popsicle stick arctic fox craft

Can’t get enough of the popsicle stick crafts? Add this popsicle stick arctic fox craft to your list!

Paper bag polar bear craft image collage with the words polar bear puppet craft in the middle

This polar bear paper bag puppet is great for pretend play! Whip it up with the kids on the weekend and let them put on a fun, wintery puppet show when they’re done!

two paper bag owl crafts

Turn a brown lunch sack into this cute paper bag snowy owl craft! It’s fun to make and play with after it’s done!

hand holding toilet paper roll walrus craft

Upcycle your old paper rolls into this cute toilet paper roll walrus craft!

2 walrus crafts for kids

Create a chilly, winter scene when your kids make this walrus arctic animal craft! It comes with a printable template to easily recreate it with the kid at home or at school.

two toilet paper roll penguin crafts

Finish off the fun with another recycled animal craft! This toilet paper roll penguin craft is fast, fun, and easy to make!

winter penguin craft

Break out the jumbo popsicle sticks and make this little winter penguin. This popsicle stick penguin is crafty and helps your kids work on fine motor skills!

Winter Craft For Kids | Learn how to make these simple penguin footprints. They're perfect for kindergarten or elementary aged kids. #kids #elementary #teachingkindergarten #ideasforkids #kidsandparenting #wintercrafts

Isn’t this footprint penguin craft so cute?! Swap out paint for paper to make this easy winter animal craft.

Are your kids ready to dive into a world of creativity and fun? They can create an artistic adventure with this walrus tissue paper craft at home! All they need are simple materials and their imagination will do the rest.

This walrus name craft is a simple activity that lets kids’ creativity shine. It also helps them practice spelling their name in a fun and engaging way. It allows them to develop their fine motor skills and create their own winter buddy!

More Winter Animal Fun

We’ve got tons of craft ideas to keep the kids entertained, but there’s even more fun to be had!

Here are some of the best winter animal books.

Polar Bear Island is a fun book for winter! Polar Bear Island is just that – only for polar bears! That is until Kirby the penguin comes to visit. She turns the place around and adds tons of interesting excitement, but will the polar bears let her stay? You have to check it out and see for yourself!

Tacky The Penguin– This is a great book for children to learn about acceptance and valuing others for exactly who they are.

Owl Babies– A sweet book that teaches kids that Mom always comes back! It’s especially great for children who may have separation anxiety.

More Winter Ideas For Kids

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More Fun Crafts For Kids

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