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53 Fun Handprint Crafts For Kids [Free Templates]

There’s nothing sweeter than making handprint crafts to preserve your children’s little hands forever!

Over the last year or so we here at Simple Everyday Mom have made several different projects using kids’ hands and we’ve loved each and every one of them.

These easy handprint crafts make a great keepsake for parents and grandparents and can be done with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond!

Whether you plan to make these with your own children or you’re a teacher using them with students, we’re sure these fun ideas will be a blast for kids to make.

Handprint Craft Ideas

Since we have lots of fun handprint crafts, we’ve divided them up below according to themes or seasons. Be sure to check out all the kids’ handprint crafts and save the ones you like best for later!

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Summer Handprint Crafts

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This adorable handprint pirate craft is a fun idea for kids to make in the summertime or to give Dad to tell him he’s the grrr-eatest Dad alive!

Have a little one who loves mermaids? If so, they’ll be tickled when they make this mermaid handprint craft!

Wondering which fun handprint art craft is one of our most popular? It’s this handprint flamingo card craft! It’s adorable and easy to make too!

This handprint campfire craft is a fun and easy activity to do with the kids for summer or fall. Grab some construction paper and the free template to make your wooden logs in no time!

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If you’re working on an ocean or under the sea theme, make sure to add in this shark handprint craft and this whale handprint craft.

When Fourth of July rolls around try out this handprint Uncle Sam craft or this handprint Statue of Liberty craft. Both of these adorable handprint crafts make the perfect gift for the holidays, too!

Nothing is more delicious and adorable than this ice cream handprint craft! It’s so simple to make and kids will love it!

Christmas Handprint Crafts

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Is there any better homemade gift for a child to give than an adorable Christmas handprint craft? We went a little crazy last year and made some fun winter or Christmas themed projects for young kids of all ages.

This handprint reindeer craft made from paper is one of our most popular Christmas crafts of all time! It’s no wonder since it’s so cute and it comes with a free printable template so you can easily recreate it with your kids. You’ll love seeing your child’s handprint preserved in such a cute craft!

If making homemade ornaments is a Christmas tradition at your home, you have to make these salt dough handprint ornaments. You can read how to make the easy dough, then choose your favorite character to make at home!

This handprint Santa craft is another reader favorite!! It too uses paper and a free printable template to turn your child’s handprints into Santa Claus’ snowy white beard.

We had way too much fun perfecting this adorable little grinch handprint craft from the latest Grinch movie. All you need is some green paper, our free template, and some other simple supplies to get started on this fun project.

What better way to get your kids into the holiday spirit than by having them make their own nativity scene? This handprint manger craft is perfect for little ones. All you need is some paper, glue, and a few other supplies.

Making a handprint camel craft is a fun way for kids to learn more about these incredible animals while also getting creative. They’re also known for their friendly and gentle nature, which makes them a favorite topic for children to learn about.

Father’s Day Handprint Crafts

Father's Day handprint craft image collage

This year we transformed sweet little handprints into a handprint minion card craft for Father’s Day. Of course, you could use this card for any special occasions or even skip the card part and keep it as a simple papercraft.

Tell Dad he’s out of this world with this handprint alien card from Disney’s Toy Story! This is a great handprint craft for toddlers since it’s super simple!

This easy Father’s Day craft is perfect for kids! They can make a handprint baseball card to give to dad as a special gift. It’s simple and quick to make, and dads are sure to love it!

Mothers Day Handprint Crafts

Mother's Day handprint craft image collage

We had so much fun making this girly handprint cactus Mother’s Day card. It’s a great gift idea for children of all ages to make. The little 3d flowers really bring this card to life too!

This easy flower handprint card craft is perfect for kids to make for Mother’s Day. It’s a simple and fun activity that will result in a beautiful homemade card to give to Mom or Nana.

Handprint Animals

We love coming up with creative ways to incorporate learning into our kids crafting, and these animal handprints are just that!

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Aren’t these octopus handprint crafts so cute?! Be sure to download the template to make this ocean-themed craft super easy to create.

Little girls will love making this simple and cute handprint unicorn craft! It’s a girly way to save your kids’ handprints for the future!

This Easter, get your kids in on the crafting fun with this adorable handprint bunny card. It’s simple to make and has a free template to download, so there’s no excuse not to try it! Plus, what could be more special than a handmade card from your little ones?

Kids will love this easy to make handprint jellyfish craft. It’s perfect for teaching your little one about oceans and sea creatures!

handprint crafts image collage

This handprint walrus is a super adorable winter craft idea for children to make!

This horse handprint craft is a must do activity if your kids are learning about farm animals or if they just love horses!

Craft this handprint snowy owl when it’s winter and too cold to go outside with the kids!

Introducing the world’s cutest handprint parrot! This easy craft is perfect for kids who are learning about P or birds. There’s no paint needed and you’ll end up with an adorable result that they will want to hang on the fridge.

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This simple handprint lion craft is so adorable and preserves your child’s handprint for the future. Download the free template to make it super easy!

This simple handprint hedgehog craft is a fun fall handprint craft for kids! It comes with a free template so it’s super easy to make.

If your children are fans of the ultra-popular Mo Willem’s pigeon books they’ll have a blast making this handprint pigeon craft.

Get ready to swan dive into a feathered flurry of fun with this super-simple handprint swan craft for kids. No paint is required – just a few household items like scissors and paper to shape your own fabulous flapping flock!

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This duck handprint craft is one of our favorite farm animal crafts of all time! It’s simple to create too!

We recently made this handprint eagle craft in preparation for the Fourth of July, but you could use it any time of year when learning about birds or North American animals.

This sweet handprint bunny craft has to be one of the most sought-after projects on the entire site!

We made them in pastel blue and pink for Easter, but you could easily change out the paper for more natural tones like gray and brown to make them go along with an animal theme.

They also come with a free printable template so they’re easy to make at home or in the classroom.

Grab some paper, glue, and scissors and make this handprint monkey craft. It’s simple and comes with a downloadable template.

handprint crafts image collage

Check out this adorable quail handprint craft! It’s a great activity for kids ages 3-9 and it’s both fun and educational. Using just a few simple materials, you and your little ones can create a cute little bird that showcases their handprint. Plus, it’s perfect for celebrating spring or learning about the letter Q.

This handprint bee craft is perfect for springtime! It’s a fun and easy way to create a cute keepsake. Kids will love getting creative and making these adorable little bees.

This fun handprint ladybug craft is perfect for kids learning about insects or during the spring season. It’s a great activity that will keep them entertained and engaged.

Your kids won’t be able to stop giggling when they make this chicken handprint art. Brushing the paint onto their tiny little hands is a sensory experience they will love to do! We made this craft while studying farm animals, but it’s also great for springtime lesson plans.

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Kids will get a kick out of this silly double handprint crab craft that’s super simple to make.

This wintery cardinal handprint craft uses two of your child’s handprints to make this cute cartoon bird on a branch. Using cotton balls adds a fun dimensional aspect to this project that your child will enjoy!

This colorful turkey handprint craft was one of our very first handprint projects! We made it for Thanksgiving but you can do it any time of the year. Try using different colors to make a super fun and unique turkey!

What a fun way to learn about zoo animals! This adorable giraffe handprint craft is perfect for kids. They’ll love making this colorful project, and you’ll love the simplicity of it.

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This colorful stegosaurus handprint craft is the perfect thing to do when you need a little fun in your life. It’s not only engaging, but kids will love working on their fine motor skills while they’re crafting!

This handprint robin is a sweet and simple craft that’s easy and cheap to make!

This fun handprint elephant craft is a great way to teach kids about zoo animals. It’s simple to make and a lot of fun for kids of all ages.

Doing a pet themed unit for kids? If so, this handprint fish craft is perfect. There’s no messy paint involved and it’s a great activity to keep them entertained. Plus, there’s a free template available so you can get started straight away!

If you want a simple craft for young kids this mouse handprint is a great open. Download the free template and make it when learning about the letter M.

Get your kids ready for a roaring good time with this cute handprint zebra craft! This transforms an ordinary handprint into a lovable zebra. It offers a fun and creative way for kids to learn about the letter ‘Z’ or zoo animals.

Ready your kids a wild adventure with this handprint tiger craft! It’s a fantastic way for kids to explore their creativity while learning about jungle animals or even the alphabet. It also helps enhance fine motor skills as kids trace, cut, and draw.

This pig handprint craft is a joyride into the farmyard. It lets kids create their very own piggy pal using simple materials that can be found around the house. It is also a fantastic way to develop those crucial fine motor skills. Learning while having fun!

Get ready to awaken your kids’ inner artist with this dragon handprint craft. It is a fun journey where they can transform their handprints into a mystical dragon. This craft helps them develop essential skills like fine motor coordination and color recognition, all while creating a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come!

Oh, get your kids ready for a snowball of fun! This cool penguin handprint craft is like a trip to the South Pole right from your home. Your kiddos get to explore their creativity and sharpen their fine motor skills. And the coolest part? They’ll have a precious penguin keepsake that’s as unique as their own little handprint!

Unleash your kid’s inner artist with this handprint bear craft! Turning a simple handprint into an adorable bear is not only a creative journey. It is also a chance to create, play, and make lasting memories.

Roar into the world of creativity with this dinosaur handprint art! It’s a great way to combine learning with fun as kids transform their handprints into colorful dinosaurs. It enhances their imagination and takes them on a journey back to the prehistoric era!

This turtle handprint craft is a lovely project that transforms your child’s handprint into an adorable turtle. It’s a wonderful way to combine creativity with building skills.

The panda handprint craft is a lovely and educational activity where children can create an adorable panda using their handprints. This engaging project introduces kids to zoo animals and good educational themes like animal habitats and conservation.

Fun Pre-K Activities For Kids

Nature Themed Handprint Crafts

nature handprint craft image collage

This festive handprint Earth craft is perfect for Earth Day celebrations! It comes with a free printable template so students can follow along in the classroom.

Transform your child’s handprint and arm into this beautiful fall handprint tree craft, complete with 3d falling leaves!

This handprint apple tree is a simple fall craft that’s so adorable and easy to make too!

Halloween Handprint Craft

Halloween handprint craft image collage

This handprint zombie craft is simple, cute, and totally non-scary. Great for the little zombie lover!

This cute and easy handprint witch craft is a great Halloween activity for preschool and kindergarten children.

Learn how to easily create this skeleton handprint craft with your child’s hand, some white paint, and black card stock! It’s simple yet spooky!!!

This cute non-scary Halloween handprint bat craft is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten children.

Want to paint instead of cut? Make this easy handprint ghost art project for Halloween!

handprint Halloween kids' craft image collage

Miscellanous Handprint Craft Ideas

handprint craft image collage

We can’t get enough of this lovable leprechaun handprint craft! It’s fun for kids to make in the classroom for St. Patty’s Day. If you don’t have any spare cardstock, try using a painted paper plate and make a truly unique little leprechaun!

Turn your new favorite Toy Story 4 character, Forky, into a simple and fun card to give to Mom, Dad or friends with this handprint Forky craft for kids!

This jumbo flashcard handprint apple craft is a fun and easy back to school craft for kids starting the new school year.

handprint crafts image collage

This handprint Thing 1 printable craft is a fun and simple handprint craft that’s easy enough to do with toddlers! Make it for Dr. Seuss Day or anytime you want!

Do your kids love Star Wars or the Mandalorian? If so, they’ll definitely want to make this Baby Yoda handprint craft.

Get your kids ready for an exciting adventure into the land of creativity with this frog handprint craft. It is about creating an adorable froggy friend that they’ll surely love. It also improves their scissor skills and boosts their fine motor abilities while having fun!

Our x-ray handprint craft is an exciting and engaging way for kids to explore the wonders of their own bodies. It develops their curiosity about human anatomy and also boosts their fine motor skills and creativity.

Create a cookie monster magic with this handprint cookie monster and Elmo craft! This activity lets kids bring their favorite cookie-loving monster and Elmo to life! It’s also a wonderful way to introduce them to new colors and shapes.

handprint art ideas is a fun adventure where kids can transform their hands into mini masterpieces, from adorable dinosaurs to spooky ghosts! These crafts are perfect for capturing special moments and making memorable keepsakes that celebrate creativity and imagination all year round.

Let your child’s imagination boost with the princess handprint craft, where they can transform their handprints into a beautiful princess using colored cardstock and a free template. Fairytales whisk us away to enchanting worlds filled with adventure and happily-ever-afters.

We hope you found tons of new handprint art ideas to do with your kids and students all year round! We’re constantly adding new handprint crafts to this list, so don’t forget to check back often.

If you have an idea you’d like us to make, please leave a comment down below 🙂

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