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8 Fun + Simple Torn Paper Crafts For Kids (W/Templates)

There’s nothing better than a paper art project to help kids develop their fine motor skills and creativity!

Torn paper crafts are a great way to introduce your children to the world of crafting. They’re easy and fun, requiring only basic materials such as construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

We love how versatile torn paper activities can be! Your kids can create anything from animals to seasonal decorations. They’ll also learn about shapes, colors, and textures as they work. 

Tearing paper is also a fun way to strengthen those little hand muscles and improve their hand-eye coordination.

We love craft projects here at Simple Everyday Mom, so keep reading to find some of our favorite torn paper art ideas below!

Fine Motor Crafts

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Our torn paper owl craft is a fantastic way to get your kids interested in crafting! There are so many different ways to tear paper, and our free printable template will help guide your child as they create their unique owl. This simple craft is also an easy way to get in some fine motor practice!

Looking for a great fall craft? This torn paper acorn craft is ideal for celebrating the season! Your kids will have so much fun sticking each piece of paper in place to create an adorable acorn. This craft is also an excellent way to teach your child about the different colors and textures of the fall season.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get creative with your kids! Our torn paper turkey craft is the perfect activity to keep your kiddos entertained while developing essential skills. They can even add googly eyes, tissue paper, and other different materials to make their turkeys extra special.

If you’ve got some scrap paper lying around, our torn paper reindeer craft is the best way to repurpose it! This craft is simple enough for young children, but it can be made more intricate for older ones by using smaller pieces of paper. And who doesn’t love a cute reindeer during the holiday season?

collage of torn paper crafts for kids

Sticking with the holiday theme, this torn paper elf craft is a super fun fine motor activity for kids of all ages! It’s also the perfect craft for little fingers to practice their tearing and gluing skills. There’s no right or wrong way to tear the paper, but our free printable template will help them create the perfect elf shape.

Our torn paper gingerbread craft puts the fun into fine motor crafts! Younger kids can get creative with different colored papers to customize their gingerbread person. This craft would be a cute addition to your Christmas decorations or could make a sweet gift for family and friends.

Your kids will have a blast tearing and gluing scraps of paper to make this torn paper penguin craft. It’s a fun and easy way to create a colorful winter scene with your little ones! Their little hands will work hard to assemble the cute penguin, helping to develop their hand strength and coordination.

This ripped paper snowman craft is another great winter-themed activity for little kids! They can use any colored paper pieces they’d like and get creative by adding accessories to their snowman. The best part? No two snowmen will look the same, making each one unique!

collage of torn paper crafts

This torn paper dragon craft is a fun activity that combines creativity and motor skills development, perfect for kids. With each piece of colorful paper, a magical dragon comes to life, ready to boost imaginations and brighten up any day!

Let your kids’ creativity level up with this torn paper eagle craft, where they can glue colorful pieces to create a cute bird! This fun and engaging activity is not only for imagination but also enhances fine motor skills and experiences.

More Ideas For Kids

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