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20 Awesome Dot To Dot Printables For Kids [Freebies]

Coloring is one of the best activities to spark your child’s creativity. But sometimes, they need something more challenging than just coloring between the lines. 

That’s where our dot to dot printables come in! Dot to dot worksheets are a great way to help children develop their counting skills, as well as hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. 

As they connect the dots, they’ll reveal a hidden image to color in however they like! 

Keep reading to discover our collection of exciting dot to dot printables. There’s something for everyone, so get ready for a world of dot-filled fun!

Here at Simple Everyday Mom, we love creating printables that are both entertaining and educational. There’s nothing better than seeing kids having a ton of fun while learning something new! 

Which of our dot to dot printables do you think your child will enjoy most? 

Connect The Dots Printables

do to dots image collage with the words free printable connect the dots in the middle

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Do your little ones love elephants? Then they’ll love our elephant dot to dots! These beautiful giants are always a hit with kids, and connecting the dots is a bonus. With these printables, they’ll learn more about elephants and also create a fun work of art!

Print out our Groundhog Day dot to dots and add to your kid’s Groundhog Day festivities! They’ll work on their counting skills as they connect the dots to uncover each cute image.

Your little ones will be so proud once they’ve finished coloring in their very own groundhog using our free printable! 

Start the day off with this brr-iliant set of penguin dot to dots. Your kids will think each penguin image is cute as can be, especially when they see it all filled in with color! Ramp up the learning opportunities and include some facts about penguins as they draw.

There’s no better way for kids to call in the New Year than with our festive New Years dot to dots!

There’s not often much for kids to do on New Year’s Eve, but with our printables, they can join in on all the festivities. Your little ones will love celebrating with these worksheets!

Dot To Dot worksheets collage

Our snowman dot to dots are the perfect winter activity for your kids. These printables help to cultivate problem-solving skills and focus, all while having a ton of fun! Just think how excited they’ll be when their snowman is complete.

Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas! Get ready for Santa’s arrival with these jolly Christmas dot to dots! Your kids will love completing each festive image, and the added challenge of counting the dots will help further their math skills. 

Deep dive into learning fun with these jellyfish dot to dots! We think jellyfish are some of the coolest creatures on the planet, and your kids will, too!

As they connect the dots to reveal each jellyfish image, tell them fun ocean facts to make the activity even more educational. 

This Mother’s Day dot to dot activity combines education with a cute gift for mom! Each page features a sweet image for kids to complete and a thoughtful Mother’s Day message. Your kids will be so proud of their work, and Mom will appreciate how her little one made it! 

Dot To Dot worksheets collage

Let’s take a trip back in time and explore our dinosaur dot to dots! Kids will love the challenge of completing each dino image, and you can make it even more educational by teaching them fun facts about dinosaurs. With these printables, your kids will never be bored again.

What’s fluffy, cute, and a ton of fun? Our Easter Bunny dot to dot printables! Celebrate Easter with your little ones and help them create a unique work of art. They’ll love the challenge of counting each dot to uncover the hidden image and be so excited when it’s ready to color.

We think our polar bear dot to dots are a bear-y cool way to beat the winter blues! These printables are sure to keep your little ones busy and entertained.

They’ll have the best time connecting the dots to reveal each polar bear. Then, they can color them in with whatever colors they choose. 

Our gingerbread man dot to dots will add a bit of holiday cheer to any festive celebration! Your kids will love counting the dots and creating their own gingerbread man. The best part? You can use the finished image as a seasonal decoration or to make holiday cards! 

Dot To Dot worksheets collage

If you’re planning your next big camping trip, don’t forget to pack these camping dot to dot printables. Each page features a fun camping-related item for your kids to complete. They’ll love coloring each image and will appreciate having something to do on those long car rides!

These octopus connect the dots will entertain your little ones for hours! Counting the dots is an excellent way to practice their numbers, and coloring in the finished image is a fun reward.

Plus, kids find octopuses fascinating, so they’ll love learning more about these amazing creatures. 

Earth Day is the perfect time to teach your little ones about our planet! Our Earth Day connect the dots are perfect for getting them excited and interested in learning more. Try laminating these printables for a long-lasting activity that your kids can reuse yearly. 

Don’t let boredom bite this summer! Print out our shark connect the dot printables and get ready for some fun in the sun.

With these printables, your kids can learn about sharks as they count and color in each image. They’ll have a fin-tastic time completing these worksheets!

Dot To Dot worksheets collage

Have your kids celebrate all things love with these Valentine connect the dots. Each page has an adorable Valentine’s-themed image to make your little ones smile.

Plus, it’s a great way for them to practice counting while creating a sweet gift for their friends and family!

Download and print our turkey connect the dot printables for a fun Thanksgiving activity. They’re perfect for keeping your little ones entertained while you prep for the big day. Your kids will love creating their turkey masterpiece, and you’ll love how they’re learning at the same time. 

These summer connect the dots worksheets are ideal for your kids to do during those long summer days.

Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than with our delightful butterfly dot-to-dot worksheets! They’re a fantastic way to keep your little ones engaged while improving their number recognition, fine motor coordination, and concentration

This spaceship dot-to-dot printable is an engaging way for kids to combine creativity and education. By connecting the dots, children can improve their counting skills, shape recognition, and fine motor abilities, all while exploring the fascinating realm of spaceships and stars.

With these printables, they can explore all the fun things about summer while counting and coloring on each page. Pack these printables in your beach bag, and you’ll never hear ‘I’m bored’ again! 

Dot To Dot worksheets collage

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