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Earth Day Connect The Dots For Kids [Free Printable]

If you’re looking for an activity to get the kids involved in Earth Day, we have just the thing for you.

These Earth Day connect the dots worksheets are a quick and easy activity for kids to do this April. Use these educational activity sheets as a way to teach kids more about our planet and conservation.

These connect the dot pages are just one of the many Earth Day activities to get your kids involved in the global holiday.

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Earth Day Dot To Dot Printables

These three pages feature illustrations of recycling, reusing items, and the planet we call home. As they work on the pages, get your kids talking about ways we can help the planet and protect it for future generations. 

These dot to dot activities are easy ways for kids to improve several skills. Kids hone their fine motor skills as they grip the pencil and carefully draw to complete the picture.

They’ll practice counting as they go from 1 to 24, connecting the dots and developing spatial awareness as they see the Earth Day picture as a whole.

Once the kids have completed the different connect the dot printables, they’ll have a blast coloring them in. Just download, print, and grab the color pencils for a fun, no-prep activity.

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Want more coloring activities? These Earth Day coloring bookmarks feature various Earth-friendly designs that kids can color in, providing a fun and creative way to celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day Ideas For Kids

With Earth Day coming up, you may be on the hunt for some ways to celebrate with the kids. We have some fun and creative Earth Day craft and activity ideas for you to check out.

Keep reading below for some ideas to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day.

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Earth Day Books For Kids

Reading books to your children from an early age is one of the most impactful activities for their development and growth this Earth Day and every day. Curling up with a good book sparks the imagination, expands vocabulary, and fosters bonding between parent and child.

As kids listen to stories, they learn to associate reading with positive experiences and quality time with loved ones. They begin to grasp language and communication skills that will prepare them for learning how to read on their own.

Here are some of our favorite books that incorporate Earth Day themes:

I Am Earth is a great book to introduce children to the planet. It has simple and easy-to-understand text and fun illustrations that will keep kids engaged!

Heal The Earth takes kids on a magical journey around the world to help solve the problems we’re facing on this planet. The message of love and compassion is great for every child.

My Friend Earth is a favorite of parents and children alike! It has an environmentally conscious message and amazing die-cut pages kids can’t get enough of.

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Earth Day Crafts For Kids

Crafting is a fun activity that teaches kids that with a little imagination, they can recycle and reuse materials to make creative projects.

Earth Day is the perfect time to get kids involved in crafting to turn everyday items into something fun and new. Pick out some of our favorite Earth Day crafts below to do with your kids.

Earth Day Printable Headband – Kids will show their love for planet Earth with this cute and fun headband. Use our free template, and you’ll have a quick and easy project to do this April.

Handprint Earth Craft – It’s time to party and celebrate our favorite planet: Earth! This festive and fun craft is great for kids of all ages. They’ll use their handprints to be part of the land, then deck it out with a party hat and confetti to celebrate Earth’s special day!

Collage image of Earth Day Crafts For Kids

Earth Paper Craft – Get kids excited about Earth Day with this super cute and fun craft. Kids will love creating their own planet complete with bendy arms and legs! Just download our free PDF file template to get started.

Earth Day Paper Plate Craft – We heart the Earth, and this craft shows it! Kids will take an ordinary white paper plate and paint, cut, and glue it to make it into the planet we love. It’s a fun art project to celebrate Earth Day this April.

Earth Day Activities For Kids

Add these Earth Day activity pages to your lesson plans, or use them at home on April 22nd. These activities include number patterns, shadow matching, problem-solving, and more! They’re a fun way to get young children thinking about the environment and what they can do to make a positive impact. 

Our Earth Day worksheets are perfect for both younger and older kids! Add these printable worksheets to your Earth Day celebrations to encourage critical thinking and creativity. From pattern-making to letter searches, there are plenty of activities to choose from to keep kids engaged and learning!

Collage image of Earth Day Activities For Kids

The perfect way to start a conversation is by asking a question. These special Earth Day questions for kids are a great way to get them talking about their favorite things on Earth and ways to take care of the planet. These are great prompts to use as a family or as a class to get you started talking about something you may not otherwise have thought about. 

For the perfect addition to your Earth Day lessons, be sure to download this preschool Earth Day printables set.

They’re great to use leading up to the holiday to get kids talking about ways to keep the planet clean. In addition to learning more about why it’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle, they’ll also be honing important skills like beginning reading and math skills.

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More Spring Activities

Earth Day Connect The Dots

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