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Winter Do A Dot Printables For Kids

Do a dot activities are such a fun indoor activity when it is cold outside!

That’s why we especially love these winter do a dot printables for this time of year. It’s the perfect indoor activity that your child can do over and over on their own. 

This printable pack is loaded with tons of fun since it has 28 pages of activities. These activities are suitable for older toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, and kindergarteners. 

We love that these activities reinforce math and reading skills to help your kids on their education journey. 

And, if your child loves these activities, check out all of our do a dot printables.

So what is inside this winter-themed printable collection? Scroll down to find out! 

winter do a dot printable image collage with the words winter do a dot printables in the middle

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Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Included in the collection are 6 full-color winter do a dot art pages and 6 black and white ones.

The black and white version is perfect for printing multiple times or for use in the classroom. After they have used the dot to dot markers, your child can color in the winter pictures for even more fun.   

winter do a dot art printables

Dot The Number Page

This dot the number page that is included is a fun page to help with counting and graphing. 

Here your child will look at the number under each object and then dot that number of circles with the marker. 

This activity helps reinforce graphing as well as counting!

winter dot marker printables

If you want to use these pages over and over again, we recommend printing them in color and then using a laminator to protect them.

You can use other manipulatives to cover the circles rather than dot markers. This helps develop fine motor skills as kids pick up the objects with their pincer grasp. 

For this activity you can use:

Just be sure your child does not try to eat any of the manipulatives.

Find The Letter Pages

Included in this pack are 4 dot the letter pages. The letters included in this printable is I, M, P, S. 

With these pages, your child will look for the coordinating letter and dot each one. This printable helps with letter recognition to identify both upper and lower case letters. 

winter dot the letter printables

To use these sheets over and over again, just laminate each sheet and then use a dry erase pen to mark the correct circle. You will want to wipe them clean after each use so the marker doesn’t get stuck on the laminated pages.

Dot Counting

We have also included a dot counting page in this winter pack. This is a simple worksheet where kids will count the number of objects in each square and then dot the coordinating number below it.

Dot Patterns

We love this dot pattern printable! It reinforces pattern recognition in a fun way. 

This is another printable that you can laminate to use over and over again and just use a manipulative object to mark the pattern. 

Dot The Object

winter dot the object printables

Dot the object is a simplified version of an I Spy game.

Here your child will dot the circle underneath each coordinating object. With 4 different sheets, your child will get lots of practice looking for different objects!

Counting Maze

Lastly, we have included 5 fun counting mazes. With these printables, your child will begin at the start and follow the correct number down throughout the maze to reach the end. 

We love these ones because the mazes reinforce number recognition as they try to get through the maze on the number trail. 

winter do a dot mazes

You can easily make these reusable as well. To do this, laminate them and then use manipulatives to cover the correct number circle on the path through the maze. You can also use dry erase pens to mark each spot as well.

Dot Marker Printable Benefits

This winter do a dot printable pack is a simple way to entertain children for hours.

We usually laminate a set for multiple uses and then print several sheets in black and white to allow children to use the dabbers over and over. 

As your child has fun playing, it will not only entertain but reinforce fine motor skills, number and letter recognition, and other math and beginning reading skills. 

If you would like to try a sample dot activity be sure to enter your email in the form at the bottom of the page to get some free activity sheets.

More Winter Activities For Kids

Start off with books! We all know how beneficial reading to kids is, so let’s get some more bedtime reading in. Grab these books from the local library or buy them from Amazon to add them to your home library.

The Biggest Snowman Ever – When the mayor of Mouseville announces the town snowman contest, Clayton and Desmond claim that they will each make the biggest snowman ever.

The Snowy Day – This story shows a child’s wonder at a new world and the hope of capturing and keeping that wonder forever.

Sneezy The Snowman– Sneezy is COLD! And he’s trying to warm up without success. But, the kids know exactly how to help him!

Winter Crafts For Kids

Crafting is another activity that’s fun and loaded with benefits for the kids! Add in any of our fun winter crafts below:

Penguin Tissue Paper Craft – Kids will have a good time making this penguin craft! This activity is great for any kids looking to work on their fine motor skills. From crumpling and cutting the tissue paper to gluing and adding the eyes, there’s plenty of practice for little ones to refine those skills. Before you know it, your kids will have created a cuddly, feathery friend to display.

Polar Bear Headband Craft – Get your kids excited about crafting by making this fabulous easy headband craft! Perfect for any young animal lover, this simple but cute project requires minimal materials – just paper and a few basic craft supplies! Kids can choose to make the paper version or they can color in the black and white one.

winter crafts for kids image collage

Snowy Owl Paper Plate Craft – Winter is the perfect time to get creative with kids, and this snowy owl craft is the perfect way to do just that! Kids will be delighted by turning ordinary paper plates into a beautiful snowy owl with a few simple supplies. It’s an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to encourage children’s creativity.

Paper Plate Winter Hat Craft – The winter chill can’t stop kids from having a blast with this cozy paper plate hat craft! Using just paint, paper plates, and glitter glue, kids will be able to create a fun and unique hat decoration for the season. Making their paper plate hats is sure to provide an afternoon full of laughs and memories!

Kids’ Winter Activities

If your kids could use some more scissor practice download these penguin cutting activity printables or these polar bear cutting activity pages. They’re free, fun and no-prep!

Download these free polar bear dot to dot printables to give the kids a simple activity that helps with fine motor skills and creativity.

Winter Fun

More Winter Ideas For Kids

Free Winter Dot Marker Sample

Winter Dot Marker Sample Pages

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