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21 Out Of This World Space Crafts For Kids

Buckle up, little astronauts, it’s time to explore outer space!

These creative outer space crafts for kids are a wonderful way to creatively extend your space-themed lessons, but you can make them just for fun as well.

Any kid who loves learning about space will have a blast making these projects.

From simple crafts like marbled planets and pom-pom painted moons for preschoolers, to more advanced crafts like rocket ship origami bookmarks and flying rockets for older kids, you’re going to find the perfect activity for any age.

Many of them are well-suited to the classroom, too, so teachers will want to pin this post to save it for your science lessons on the solar system.

Which one will you start with?

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Don’t forget to pin this list of outer space crafts anytime you want to make an out-of-this-world project with the kids!

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