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Space Pattern Block Mats

Need a no-prep, hands-on activity for the kids to do? These space pattern block mats are the perfect solution!

We love using pattern block mats so much that we have a growing collection of them.

They’re great for a wide range of ages from toddlers and preschoolers to kindergarten-aged children.

And once you print them and get them laminated, you’re all set to have your kids play with them again and again!

Pattern Block Pictures

astronaut pattern block mat


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How To Use Pattern Block Printables

Did you know that using pattern blocks is not only a fun hands-on activity but that it’s really beneficial for children as well?

It’s true.

Pattern blocks can help kids learn pre-math concepts that will give them a headstart in school.

astronaut pattern block mat

They’re great for introducing kids to geometric shapes, patterns, colors and for working on fine motor skills.

For young children just beginning to play with these printable mats, you can talk to them about colors. Ask them to find all the red pieces and put them in one pile.

As they get older and learn more, you can talk about numbers too. Have them complete one of the space pattern block mats, then ask them some questions like:

  • How many triangles are on the mat?
  • Which shape is the biggest?
  • Do you see any patterns on the page?
spaceship pattern block mat with pattern block mats scattered around
spaceship pattern block mat with pattern block mats scattered around

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Questions like these will help children develop critical thinking and work on math concepts.

Once they’re ready to learn the shapes, teach them the names of each shape and what makes them that shape.

In most pattern block mats there are:

  • triangles
  • squares
  • trapezoids
  • parallelograms
  • diamonds
  • hexagons

Pattern Block Rocket

spaceship and planet pattern block mats with pattern blocks scattered around

After they learn the names of each shape they can learn how to identify them with the following definitions.

  • Triangle: 3 sided polygon
  • Square: Quadrilateral that has equal length sides and forms right angles
  • Trapezoid: Quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides
  • Parallelogram: 4 sided polygon with two pairs of parallel side
  • Diamond: Quadrilateral that has all sides of equal length
  • Hexagon: 6 sided polygon

This is a great introduction to geometry!

comet, earth and spaceship pattern block mats with pattern blocks scattered

However you decide to use these pattern blocks and mats with your kids, they’re sure to have fun and learn at the same time.

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