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Printable Pattern Block Mats For Kids

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Get your kids excited about math from an early age with these fun pattern block mat printables that will help them think in new ways and develop math-related skills. 

If you‘re anything like me, you do not enjoy math.

You may be decent or even good at math, but the word still makes you cringe ever so slightly.

You wish you could go back in time and have your parents, teachers, or anyone help get you excited about math.

Sorry to say, but that’s not happening.

But, there’s still great news for you:

You can do that for your child.

You can make the difference.

You can make them excited about math.

I’m sure you’re next question is, how do you do that?

And the answer is simple:

Be excited yourself.

Don’t stop reading yet- I promise you it’s possible to get excited about math.

You see, when kids are young, math isn’t all about complex words problems, worksheets or memorization.

It’s about developing the skills to think in an unknown way.

Learning to think in new ways is extremely exciting.

Imagine someone teaching you something you’ve never heard of. Something that would give you an entirely new perspective on life. Something that would allow you to tap into parts of your brain and creativity you never knew you had.

I’d sign up for that in a second!

And just think how you could be the one to give your kids that experience.

You are here for your child to help them think in ways they’ve never thought. You can help them gain confidence and develop new skills, all while having fun.

Tangram Puzzles For Kids To The Rescue

tangram patterns | printables for kids

Tangram puzzles are a great math activity that will introduce children to a variety of basic math and generalized skills like:

  • geometry
  • spatial reasoning
  • logic
  • problem-solving
  • focus
  • hand-eye coordination

On top of all these benefits, tangram puzzles are fun for children and give them a hands-on way to learn.

I’ve created a set of 11 different tangram printables for kids that will help engage and entertain them, all while setting a foundation for mathematical thinking. 

Tangram Puzzle Materials

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure here.

To do this activity at home, you’ll need the following supplies:

How To Adapt Tangram Puzzles For Kids Of All Ages

I have a two-year-old and a 6.5 year old that both enjoy tangram puzzles.

Since they have a large age gap between them, we play with the tangram puzzles differently. Below I’ve listed some of the ways I like to tailor the activity to older and younger kids. 

Tangram Puzzle Tips For Young Children:

  • talk about the color of each shape as they pick them up
  • sort the tangram pile by shape
  • name each shape as they pick them up
  • let them build their own shapes when starting out
  • have the children match the silhouette to the shape while you place the shape in the correct space

Tangram Puzzle Tips For Older Children: 

  • have them name each of the shapes on their own
  • discuss how you can create a shape from a combination of other shapes
  • begin teaching mathematical terms like right angle, parallel, congruent and more
tangram activities | preschool math activities | tangram printables

My best tip for teaching your children at home is simply not to push the “teaching” aspect too far.

Try to make this activity engaging for your children. See what interest them most about the activity, then focus your efforts on that specific aspect.

I know with some excitement on your end and these printable puzzles, you’ll be able to teach math in a fun and engaging way.

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