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Dinosaur Do A Dot Printables

It seems like all kids go through a phase of being dinosaur obsessed! Whether they’re 2 or 5, they just can’t seem to get enough of dinos!

If that’s your child, these dinosaur do a dot printables are perfect!

They’re not only fun but educational too. We love using them with preschoolers, pre k, and kindergarten-aged children.

Check out everything we’ve included in this dinosaur worksheet pack. Also, browse through our dinosaur activities for more projects!

Benefits of Dot Markers

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There are so many reasons why you should allow your kids to use dot markers, besides, of course, spending quality time with them.

Some of the skills kids learn from using these markers include:

Dinosaur Do A Dot Printables

free do a dot printables | dinosaur activity

To help you get full use out of your dot markers, I’ve created this dinosaur themed do a dot printable pack that addresses a variety of topics including letter identification, number identification, cutting skills, an introduction to graphing, and lots of coloring pages to enhance creativity and practice hand-eye coordination.

I’d love to show you just how fun and engaging these printables are. You can download the dinosaur graphing page for free by entering your email address below. You’ll receive the file via email as soon as you subscribe.



do a dot coloring page | art for kids | kids printables

Do A Dot Art Coloring Pages:

Have your child practice hand-eye coordination by stamping the markers in each circle of the dinosaur. If you want to reuse these printables or make a no-mess activity, you can use circle stickers, counters (like pom-poms, stones, etc) or playdoh.

dinosaur dot letter printables | letter activities for kids | printables for kids

See the printables in action below:

Do A Dot Letter Identification:

Practice recognizing uppercase “D” and lowercase “d” by stamping each circle that contains only those letters.

do a dot marker activities | kindergarten graphing | learning activities for kids

Dot Marker Graphing:

Help prepare your child for math with this fun graphing practice. Count with your child the number of each type of dinosaur in the box at the top of the page. Then, stamp one circle for each dinosaur found. Afterward, count the number of stamps for each dinosaur and write the corresponding number in the blank at the bottom of the page.

do a dot worksheets | dinosaur activities for kids

Do A Dot Counting:

Count the dinosaurs in each box, then dot the circle with the correct number inside of it.

do a dot printables | dinosaur activities

Dot Marker Maze:

Help your child find their way through the alphabet maze by following the trail of uppercase “D” and lowercase “d” throughout the alphabet circles.

cutting practice sheets | do a dot markers

Dot Marker Cutting Practice Sheets:

Practice fine motor skills by having your child dot each circle between the two dinosaurs, then cutting along the dotted lines.

Want More Done For You Activities?

I know you’re busy.

Despite your packed schedule, you still want to connect with your kids and help teach them new skills. That’s why I’ve created some amazing printable packs for you.

Check them out and save time planning activities for your kids.

Free Dinosaur Graphing Worksheet

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.