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Color By Number Worksheets Kids Can’t Wait To Do

Find a ton of color by number worksheets for kids or students in this growing collection of printable coloring pages.

One of the simplest, most fun and educational activities you can do with your kids is coloring.

Coloring pages are no prep which means no hassle for you and they’re no-mess which means no cleanup. Two things this Mama gives a thumbs up to!

Over the past few months, I’ve created multiple color by number printable pages.  The response has been great, so I’m creating a series of different themed color by number printables.

Also, see all of our fun coloring pages for kids here.

Color By Number Printables

Color By Number Worksheets | Kids in kindergarten, pre-k and first grade will love this fun collection of color by number pages. There's a variety of skill levels from easy to more difficult and even some that reinforce math skills with addtion and subtraction! Click through to see them all #coloring #kidsactivities #printablesforkids #elementary #teachers

The color by number worksheets below are listed alphabetically. Don’t forget to check back often since I’ll be adding more to the series regularly.

beetle and bee color by number worksheets

Bug Color By Number Printables

spring color by number printables

These spring color by number printables are cheery and great for a last-minute activity!

Penguin Color By Number Page | Download this free printable coloring page; it's a great, easy Christmas activity for the whole family. #kidsactivities #christmas #penguin #elementary #earlychildhood #ideasforkids

Christmas Color By Number Printables

Dinosaur Color by Number Worksheets

Dinosaur Color By Number Printables

Disney Color By Number Printables

Color By Number Dog Printables

Dog Color By Number Printables

fox color by sight word printable

*Fall Color By Sight Word Printables

Halloween Color By Number Coloring Pages #kids #children #mathgames #ideasforkids #kindergartenworksheets

Halloween Color By Number Printables

Math Color By Number Worksheets (Includes numbers, addition & subtraction)

turtle color by number worksheet

Ocean Animal Color By Number

Patriotic Color By Number Printables

pokemon coloring pages

Pokemon Color By Number Printable Worksheets

Summer Color By Number Printables

Thanksgiving math activities for kids #coloring #colorbynumber #earlychildhood #teaching

Thanksgiving Color By Number Printables

Benefits Of Color By Number Worksheets

We have all experienced just how relaxing coloring can be but did you know there are also tons of other benefits for kids when they color?

According to The OT Toolbox:

Did you know those childhood memory sticks (aka Crayons) can be used in SO many skill areas?  Consider fine and gross motor strength, tool use, sensory processing, pencil grasp, line awareness, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, endurance, self-confidence, creativity, task completion, and learning objectives like color identification, and color matching.  Whew!  No wonder crayons get worn down to nubs with all of those areas that they are working on!

dinosaur color by number worksheet

On top of those awesome benefits, there are even more reasons to try color by number printables including:

  • number recognition practice
  • addition practice
  • subtraction practice
  • focus/concentration
  • learning how to follow directions
  • perseverance

As you can see, there is something almost magical about coloring.

Next time you’re looking for a quick and fun activity to do with the kids, consider color by number worksheets!

More Fun Activities For Kids

Do you have a specific request for a color by number printable you’d like me to create? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see if I can create it for you!

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