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The Best Board Games For Kids

Like most families, we love a good game night!

We have several board games at our house and lately, we’ve been playing them almost daily.

It’s such an easy and fun way to spend some quality time with your kids without having to do any prep work or planning. Plus, it teaches children so many important skills.

Below we’ve included some of the best board games for kids. Don’t forget to check back often as we’ll be adding more specific collections of games for kids (like reading games, coding games etc.).

The Top Board Games For Kids

best board games for kids: crocodile game player on board game

7 Alphabet Board Games For Kids – Kids won’t even realize how much they’re learning the ABC’s when they play these board games. We love them all, but are especially fond of number 2 because it helped our preschoolers learn the difference between similar letters like D and B!

7 Of The Best Board Games For 6 Year Olds – If you have six year old at home, be sure to check out our favorite games! There’s something here for everyone!

7 Cooperative Board Games For 6 Year Olds – Get the kids to work together with these fun cooperative board games.

7 Best Math Board Games For 2nd Graders – Is your child struggling with math? Make math fun for 7 year olds with these math games that are great for 2nd graders!

8 Ocean Themed Board Games For Kids – If your kids love summer and they ocean, then you’ll want to add one or two of these games to your collection!

8 Thought Provoking STEM Board Games For Kids – Did you have any idea there are board games that help kids with STEM skills?! We didn’t so we were super excited and amazed by these board games!

9 Awesome Shape Games For Preschoolers – We have to say, if there’s a board game to learn something, we’re all in! These shape games are simple, will keep your preschoolers attention, and are fun too!

9 Best Board Games For Kindergarten – Kindergarten kids are a great age to play board games with. Bring these games to school for free play time or play as a family around the dinner table.

9 Fun Card Games For Preschoolers – These card games are short, fun, and even teach your preschool children different concepts! Play them for family game night to give your child a head start in school.

9 Fun Board Games For 3 Year Olds – Help young kids stay off screens and learn valuable skills when they play these fun board games for 3 year olds! Work on fine motor skills, social skills, counting, colors, and more!

10 Best Board Games For Toddlers – Playing board games with toddlers can be tricky! These board games are specifically for toddlers and a great introduction for kids learning rules.

stack of kids board games

10 Best Cooperative Board Games For Kids Of All Ages – Cooperative games are a great way to bring kids together in pursuit of a common goal. These games won’t end it tears, which means, they’re 100% Mom approved!

11 Best Math Games For 3rd Graders – We totally wish we had these math board games when we were kids. Math is way more fun when you’re playing a board game!!

11 Best Math Board Games For Kids To Make Practicing Fun – Find math games for kids of all ages! All highly rated and great for school or to play at home.

14 Exciting Dinosaur Games For Kids – Have a little dinosaur fan at home? These dinosaur games are not only fun but educational too!

Best Board Games For 5 Year Olds – If you have a 5 year old at home, then you have to check out these board games. They’re silly, fun, engaging, and great for keeping kids off the screens.

Best Disney Board Games For The Family – We love all things Disney, so it’s no surprise that we’ve played a lot of Disney games at home! Find board games the whole family will want to play together.

Educational Games For Kindergarten – Find lots of fun and educational games for kindergarten kids to play! These board games help with sight words, math, social skills, and so much more!

Best Preschool Board Games (That Parents Will Actually Want To Play) – Are you tired of the same ol games day after day? These preschool board games are fun and unique so parents won’t be bored playing with their child!

Kids Board Games About Money – Learning to count money can be a tricky thing for kids, but once they play these board games about money, they’ll want to learn!

Why Are Board Games Important For Kids?

Playing board games as a family provides a ton of social and educational benefits to children. According to K-State Research and Extension family life agent Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena:

Besides promoting face-to-face interaction, a vital component in human relationships that is fading away, games are an entertaining and painless way to help kids build essential learning skills on the sly or by accidental learning, which means there’s no anxiety or resistance.

best board games for kids: Race To the Treasure Game

What Are The Benefits Board Games?

As already discussed, board games can help teach necessary skills in a variety of areas. These include:

  • Foster critical thinking
  • Increase social skills such as sharing, taking turns, etc.
  • Reinforce educational teachings (ABC’s, math, logic, etc.)
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Enhance creativity
  • Increase memory

Read about the 7 priceless board game benefits kids gain while playing together here.

best board games for kids: sneaky snacky squirrel game

Our Favorite Board Games For Kids!

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