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8 Awesome Ocean Themed Board Games For Kids

Ocean Themed Board Games are a great way for your kids to combine their love for board games with their love for the ocean. 

In these fun ocean themed board games, kids will dive into adventure while having fun!

These games are perfect for playing with friends and family of all ages. You will definitely want to add these games to your list of the best board games for kids!

Ocean Themed Games

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If you are looking for an engaging math game, then Ocean Raiders is one that you need to add to your game closet.

In this game, kids will brave the storm and play among the sea creatures all while solving addition questions along the way. This is a game that will help your kids feel more confident about their math skills. We love that there are two levels of play. 

Ocean-opoly Monopoly board game takes traditional Monopoly and gives it a fun Ocean theme to it!

In this version, there are two fun ways to play: the lengthy game we all love and a shorter 1-hour version. This is the perfect game to bring out for the next family game night with the kids.

If you are looking for a fun ocean-themed board game your child can play on their own, then Stacktopus is the perfect match.

When playing this game, your child will put on the silly sea fingers which will turn them into a stacking octopus. The goal is to stack the cups to match the card. The first player that does this wins. This game is perfect for kids 5 and up and is made for 1-3 players. 

Splash! Is a fast action fun game for kids! In this game, you have to grab a dolphin before they disappear. This game is very similar to musical chairs, but with dolphins.

We love that this game is full of colorful playing cards that are filled with facts about ocean creatures.  

If you want a game that you can learn in just a few minutes then be sure to pick up Fish Stix. We love that there are different levels of play so that kids and adults of all ages and abilities can still play together and have fun.

In this game, you’ll match fish cards to score points. This game practices various skills like strategy, color recognition, and counting

We love that Sophie’s Seashell Scramble requires no reading to play. In this game, players help Sophie the Otter find shells to eat in this pattern matching adventure.

You can guarantee as your child plays they will be working on their pre-reading skills, strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. 

If you are looking for a two-person strategy game that is easy to learn but challenging Aqualin is the perfect game for your kids.

In this fun game, one player will attempt to group matching colors while the other player attempts to match sea creatures. As they do this the players are competing for the same tiles for the groups they are trying to form.

This game takes about 20 minutes and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins. We love how simple the directions are and that kids can easily play together. 

Mermaid Island is a cooperative game where players work together to help the mermaids swim to Mermaid Island before the witch arrives.

This game lasts about 15 minutes and is perfect for kids 5 and older. We love that it focuses on strategy and social skills and requires no reading so kids can independently play together. 

What ocean themed board games do you love? Share in the comments so we can add them to our list! 

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