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99 Best Animal Crafts For Kids [With Templates]

Learn how to make these fun and easy animal crafts for kids! They’re simple and cover farm animals, jungle animals. forest animals and more!

Do your kids love animals and crafting?

If so, they’ll be delighted to make any one of these fun and simple animal paper crafts for kids. 

We’ve gathered all of our best ideas in one spot so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. 

These crafts vary in age range and will suit kids from toddlers to preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary-aged children. 

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As we make more animal crafts, we’ll add them to this page so be sure to check back frequently for more new crafts for kids. 

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Animal Craft Ideas

unicorn crafts image collage

Do you have a little girl who loves unicorns? This paper unicorn craft is super simple to make and only uses a few supplies. 

This unicorn headband craft for kids is a sweet and girly craft that’s perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary girls.

Do your kids love unicorns???? Now you can make a magical paper plate unicorn at home with our free printable template.  Make with preschool, kindergarten, and elementary children! 

This adorable little handprint unicorn craft is great for doing at home, in the classroom, daycare, or even the library!

Little girls will have a blast making this DIY unicorn card craft. The cloud opens up to reveal a place where you can write a magical note to anyone you wish. 

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What kids don’t love squirrels?! This cute little squirrel craft is a fun fall activity for kids. It’s also great for forest animal units! Download the template and make this autumn season. 

Parents and grandparents will flip over this handprint bunny craft for kids. They’re a sweet memento that will preserve those little hands for a lifetime! 

Want an adorable fall animal craft to make with the kids? This paper plate hedgehog craft is simple, fun, and comes with a free printable template to make it even easier! Make it at home or in the classroom! 

Turn a sweet rabbit into a fun puppet with this easy paper bag bunny craft. Make in fun pastel colors for Easter or more traditional colors when learning about animals. 

Love cute recycled crafts? Then this one will be top of your list to make! This toilet paper roll mouse craft is super simple and comes with a downloadable template too! 

This little Easter bunny is playing peek-a-boo! Make this Easter bunny craft for kids just before the holiday for fun family time! 

This adorable little robin handprint craft for kids is a simple bird craft that can be made any time of year! 

butterfly crafts image collage

This adorable handprint butterfly craft is a great sprint craft idea for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten children.

Kids love making these colorful and simple paper plate butterfly crafts. Each one is unique and fun to create! 

This paper bag butterfly craft makes the perfect spring craft for kids to make. They’re classic for a reason – they’re cheap and fun to craft! 

Give this sweet butterfly card craft to Mom, Grandma, or anyone special in your kid’s life! Download the free template to make it super simple! 

Explore the jungle of fun with this cute monkey craft. Kids can exercise their creativity in the most colorful way. It’s also a great way to develop those all-important fine motor skills and learn to follow instructions.

With this adorable paper bag koala craft, you can let your kids turn crafting into an exciting journey! They can learn about unique wildlife and explore their artistic side. It’s also a fantastic way to encourage a love for nature while improving their cutting and gluing skills!

This sloth craft is a simple way to introduce kids to the world of animals at a gentle pace. As they assemble their very own friendly sloth, they’re developing fine motor skills, enhancing their creativity, and learning about one of nature’s most beloved creatures!

This koala card craft is an adorable way to express love and creativity! It’s a great way for kids to make a heartfelt, homemade card that parents or grandparents would cherish. It also helps them to improve their fine motor skills while having fun!

Farm Animal Crafts

farm animal crafts image collage

Are you creating a farm animal unit for your kids or students? If so, you’ll want to look through all of the awesome farm animal crafts for kids that we have.

We have ideas for all the following animals:

  • horse
  • cow
  • sheep
  • llama
  • cat
  • dog
  • mouse
  • chick

And, we’ve got more on the way too!

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Have you ever seen a cuter shark? Help kids make their own shark headband craft or print in black and white for kids to color in. 

This popsicle stick dragonfly craft will put a smile on your kid’s face and can act as a homemade toy too! 

Jellyfish have never looked cuter! Make these easy paper jellyfish craft with preschool and kindergarten children! 

Turn an apple into an artist’s tool with this apple stamp ladybug craft for kids

Tell Mom she’s bee-utiful this Mother’s Day! She’ll cherish this handmade bee card craft for years to come. 

Isn’t this paper plate bee craft a cheery project that’s great for spring? We think it’s great for making at school or at home. 

Recycle some milk jugs into tiny bee wings with this fun bee craft for kids, complete with a free printable beehive. 

Combine arts and crafts in one with this easy fish painting craft for kids. It’s a fun summer activity that goes perfectly with ocean unit studies.

Got a kid that loves Finding Nemo or Finding Dory? They’ll love this simple clownfish craft for preschoolers. It’s great for toddlers and kindergarten kids too.

This simple seahorse craft combines paper crafts and watercolor to make a fun summer art project.

This shimmering paper plate seahorse craft is a simple and easy kids’ craft to do for summer or whenever your kids are learning about ocean animals! 

animal craft image collage

Make a classic brown paper bag puppet with this simple paper bag turkey craft for kids.

This paper plate turkey craft for kids is a perfect Thanksgiving Day activity! Prefer recycled crafts? Try this simple toilet paper roll turkey craft is festive, fun and perfect for Thanksgiving!

This handprint turkey craft is the ideal fall activity for kids in preschool, PreK, and kindergarten!

If silly and cute is your style, this handprint hedgehog craft is a simple fall craft that comes with a free printable template too!

These adorable handprint bat crafts are fun and simple Halloween craft that works at home or in the classroom!

Create a charming keepsake with your child’s handprint using this fun and easy quail handprint craft. It’s a delightful hands-on activity that helps little ones explore their creativity while learning about birds and nature.

This simple easy raccoon craft is a great companion craft when you read The Kissing Hand to your kids. Download the free template and make it at home or at school. 

Make this simple recycled toilet paper roll bat craft that uses an old toilet paper roll, some card stock, googly eyes, and glue! It’s a fun Halloween craft for kids.

This handprint snowy owl craft is a fun and easy idea for wintertime!

Need a quick craft that doesn’t require any special supplies? This paper plate fox craft is it! Let the kids paint, cut, and glue their own fox together. It’s perfect for fall or any time of year! 

animal craft image collage

Teach kids about arctic animals then make this fun 3D walrus arctic animal craft. It’s a cool craft for winter!

Transform a plain brown paper bag into a fun paper bag fox craft the kids will love with this simple template! This easy fox craft is a great idea to make with the kids this fall! Cozy up, make some apple cider, and craft as a family while making this cute fox! 

This handprint walrus craft is fun to do with young kids because it’s large and easy to handle!

Turn two of your child’s handprints into a simple winter craft when your children make this wintery handprint cardinal craft.

This simple narwhal craft inspired by Elf is a fun paper craft for winter. Or make this arctic puffin card craft!

This paper owl card craft is a thoughtful homemade craft that’s perfect to give for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, or for any special occasion! 

Llama lovers unite and make this super simple llama Valentine craft that can be used at any time of year! 

Both boys and girls can enjoy making these handprint dinosaur cards. Create them at home or at school to give to Mom and Dad! 

Give Mom or Dad a fun homemade card for Mother or Father’s Day when you make this simple frog craft for kids

This wolf paper bag puppet craft is perfect for any animal lover! Forest animals are so fun to learn about, and this paper bag puppet craft is a great way to bring the forest into your home.

Get ready to have your kids spread their wings and dive into this fantastic eagle paper bag puppet craft! With simple step-by-step instructions, kids will have a blast creating their very own feathery friend!

Zoo Animal Crafts

zoo animal crafts image collage

If you’re looking for zoo animal crafts, look no further! We’ve got tons of fun craft ideas that are perfect for a zoo birthday party, for a preschool zoo theme, or just because!

Find animals like monkeys, lions, tigers, bears and so much more!

reindeer crafts image collage

Reindeers are the perfect animal to make during the winter season. Whether you love Rudolph or just want to make regular old reindeer, we have lots of cute and easy reindeer crafts for kids.

Isn’t it just wonderful when learning becomes fun? This bald eagle shape craft does just that. It helps them explore their creativity and imagination. It’s not only about creating a cute bird, It’s also an exciting way to enhance their fine motor skills. How fantastic is that?

With just a bit of cutting and gluing, your kids can make their very own vibrant circus elephant craft balancing on a colorful ball. It’s not just a fun activity for kids, but it also enhances their fine motor skills.

Looking for a fun activity that is easy to do for kids? This monkey tissue paper craft is about learning and having fun. It improves their fine motor skills as they form the cute monkey! It’s an exciting and engaging way to learn.

Ready your kids for a fun-filled jungle adventure. This monkey name craft swings them into the world of letters and colors. They’ll be creating an adorable monkey buddy while enhancing their name spelling and creativity. It’s all about learning with fun.

Let your kids welcome Valentine’s Day with a cute friend! They will love bringing this lovely valentine owl craft to life. With just a few basic supplies, they’ll be creating a heart-filled owl that’s perfect for spreading Valentine’s Day joy.

Looking for a crafty way to celebrate Groundhog’s Day with your kids? This groundhog paper bag puppet provides a unique opportunity to educate kids about this fun holiday! With just a few materials like paper bags, colored cardstock, glue, scissors, and the free provided template, they can create a delightful groundhog puppet to play with.

Looking for a fun, creative activity for your kids? This paper plate skunk craft is a great way to boost their imaginations! It’s an easy and enjoyable project that allows them to paint, cut, glue, and learn new skills.

The elephant headband craft is a fun activity that will surely make your kids trumpet with joy! It is also an excellent way for them to sharpen their motor skills, get their creative juices flowing, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Turn crafting into a fun-filled wildlife expedition with this elephant craft! Kids get to explore their artistic side while learning about these gentle giants. It’s an excellent way to combine art, nature, and motor skill development in one activity!

Are your kids ready for an egg-citing adventure? This adorable eaglet craft is perfect for them. They can see their cute eaglet hatching right before their eyes. Using simple everyday materials that can be found around the house, they can transform paper into a peek-aboo pal ready to spread some wings.

This fork painted eagle craft is a fantastic way to explore creativity and learn more about cute birds. Kids can create their majestic eagle friend. It’s an exciting way for kids to explore their artistic skills.

This eagle crafts for kids is a perfect activity for a rainy day or a playful afternoon, from creating adorable handprints to crafting playful paper bag puppets. Children can create cute bald eagles while learning about these incredible birds and enjoying the creative process.

We hope you found at least a few fun project ideas to work on with your kids! There’s no denying how much they’ll love creating easy paper crafts. 

Didn’t see exactly what you’re looking for?  

Leave a comment down below with your ideas and we’ll see if we can accommodate! 

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