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Printable Pattern Block Mats For Kids

Recently, I’ve created a string of new printable math activities that kids love playing with!

My own boys get excited every time they see me creating a new set because they just can’t get enough new puzzles.

I love creating these pattern block puzzles because they’re a great independent activity that also helps prepare their young minds for a host of math-related skills and ideas.

It’s great knowing that a fun activity for kids is also extremely beneficial to their development.

Read on below to discover all the tangram printable puzzles that are available.

space pattern block mats

Tangrams For Kids

All the tangram printables on my site are listed below in alphabetical order.

I’m frequently adding to this collection, so be sure to check back often to get the newest tangrams for your kids.

dinosaur pattern block mats: ankylosaurus

Christmas Pattern Block Mats

Dinosaur Pattern Block Puzzle Mats

Fall Pattern Block Mats

Halloween Pattern Block Mats

Miscellaneous Pattern Block Printable Puzzles

Ocean Animal Pattern Block Mats

Pet Pattern Block Mats

Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats

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Transportation Pattern Block Mats

Unicorn Pattern Block Mats

Benefits Of Tangram Puzzles

Even though kids are naturally drawn to these colorful pattern block mats for play, there are a number of educational benefits to these puzzles as well.

Some of the benefits include:

  • developing fine motor skills
  • recognizing shapes
  • learning to sort based on color and shape
  • learning to count
  • learning about symmetry
  • strengthening critical thinking skills
  • learning about fractions
  • learning about spatial relations
  • recognizing patterns

and much more!

Recommended Resources For Pattern Block Mats

More Resources For Learning:

Please let me know if there’s a particular themed pattern block mat that you would like me to make by leaving a comment below.

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