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Printable Pattern Block Mats For Kids

Kids love to build and create things.

For kids, the world is a blank canvas waiting to be filled in with their imagination.

One activity that can help kids develop fine motor skills and problem-solving skills is using pattern blocks mats.

Pattern block mats are simply printable mats with shape outlines on them for pattern blocks. Kids take the triangles, squares, hexagons, trapezoids, parallelograms, and rhombi and place them on the correct spot on the mat.

It’s a simple STEM activity for young children that is fun and educational.

Read on below to discover all the printable pattern block mats for kids to choose from!

pattern block mats image collage with the words printable pattern block mats for kids

Pattern Block Puzzles

We’re often adding new sets, so be sure to check back periodically for new themes!

Looking for a fun way to help your kids learn shapes and fine motor skills? We’ve got the perfect solution – print out our giant bundle of pattern block mats! There are 11 different mats with tons of fun themes, like holidays, seasons, animals, and more. They’re fun and educational and can be used over and over again!

These Christmas pattern block mats are a fun way to get kids involved in STEM during the holiday season. This is an easy and simple activity that can help with learning shapes, fine motor skills, and patterns.

dinosaur pattern block templates: stegasaurus

These fun dinosaur pattern block mats are perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts and features a stegosaurus, velociraptor, ankylosaurus, dimeteroden, T Rex, and xianglong!

If fall is your kids’ favorite season, these Fall Pattern Block Mats are a great option to help kids work on their fine motor skills.

Hands On Math Activities For Elementary | These Halloween themed pattern block mats are great for young children who need work with fine motor skills and who are working on shapes, patterning, symmetry and more. #halloween #elementary #preschool #teachers

Captialize on the Halloween season with some fun learning via these Halloween Pattern Block Mats. They’re cute and kid-friendly!

tangram activities | preschool math activities

If you just want a fun collection of different animals and scenes, these Miscellaneous Pattern Block Printable Puzzles are perfect! You’ll find a little bit of everything in this set.

seahorse pattern block mat

When summer rolls around, these Ocean Animal Pattern Block Mats are fun choice when kids need to cool off inside!

pattern block mats

If you’re doing a pet unit with your kids or students, these Pet Pattern Block Mats are the perfect fit! Download, print, and use them for quiet time learning.

outer space tangram mats

Have a budding astronaut at home? If so, they’ll love these Space Pattern Block Mats that show planets, rocketships, the moon, and more!

printable Thanksgving pattern block mats

These Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats are great for the kids’ Thanksgiving table. Not only are they no-prep and fun, but they’re educational too!

Kindergarten STEM Activity | Young children will love playing with these printable pattern block mats. They're an easy and fun math activity to introduce kids to shapes! #kidsandparenting #stem #stemactivities #ideasforkids #mathgames #mathactivities #patternblockmats #tangrams #preschool #elementary #classroom #mathcenters

Boys and girls who can’t get enough of cards, trucks, tractors and more will love using these transportation pattern block mats! They’re cute and each one has a fun animal driving them!

printable unicorn tangram mats

Unicorn fans will have a blast with these unicorn pattern block mats! They’re loaded with pink, hearts, and color!

Benefits Of Tangram Puzzles

Even though kids are naturally drawn to these colorful pattern block mats for play, there are a number of educational benefits to these puzzles as well.

Some of the benefits include:

  • developing fine motor skills
  • recognizing shapes
  • learning to sort based on color and shape
  • learning to count
  • learning about symmetry
  • strengthening critical thinking skills
  • learning about fractions
  • learning about spatial relations
  • recognizing patterns

and much more!

More Fun Kids Activities:

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