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Halloween Pattern Block Mats For Kids

Halloween is the beginning of the official holiday season around our home.

It’s the time when we Arizonians finally get a break from the 100-degree heat and start venturing outside a little bit more.

It’s also when the kids get a 2-week break from school, which means we’ll have to reacclimate them to playing on their own.

Have spooky math fun and occupy that extra time when you use these Halloween tangram mats at home or in the classroom!

And, if you’re looking for more ideas be sure to browse through all of our pattern block mats.

Halloween Pattern Block Puzzle Mats

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Check out the video below to see how much fun kids have using these mats:

One of my favorite things about these pattern block mats is the ease of using them.

They only require a few supplies and once you’ve printed and laminated them, you’re all set!


Halloween Activity For Kids | These printable tangram mats for kids is great for homeschooling or for the classroom. They're educational and fun! #halloween #ideasforkids #homeschool #ducationalactivities

What Can Kids Learn With Pattern Block Mats?

There are so many great things kids can learn while playing with pattern block mats.

First, they’re great for fine motor skills. Each time their little hands work on placing the blocks within the shape outlines, they’re honing their precision and working on the small muscles in the hand.

If your child is having difficulty getting the shapes within their place, you can add adhesive velcro to the back of some blocks and to the center of the mats.

This is a great way to get your child to start using these mats. Once they begin getting better at placing them where they belong, use mats without the velcro.

Printable Halloween Activity For Kids | These pattern block mats are a great hands-on math activity that are great for independent play. #math #teachingmath #shapes #preschoolers #earlychildhood

Besides fine motor skills, these mats can also help your child identify shapes. Start with the basics of squares, triangles and diamonds then work up to the more complex shapes.

Very young kids like toddlers or preschoolers can use these pattern blocks to learn their colors. Talk to them while they play and ask questions like, “Can you find the red blocks?”

Along the same line of thinking, you can also work on counting and ask your kids to find 4 green triangles, and then put them in their proper place.

Printable Preschool Math Activity | Kids will love learning math hands on with these Halloween tangram mats. They teach important concepts like patterns, shapes, counting, symmetry and more. Plus, they're fun and work for centers too! #printables #preschoolmath #patterns #shapes #centers

We hope these pattern block mats bring you at least a few minutes of quiet time play!

Don’t forget to download your free tangram puzzle below by entering your email in the form at the bottom 🙂

Halloween Unit For Kids

Do you want to create a mini Halloween unit around these pattern block mats? If so, keep reading for our favorite ideas!

We love all the many benefits of reading aloud to children so we always recommend adding books to your unit studies.

Below are some of the top-rated Halloween books for kids. Add them to your home collection or borrow them from your local library.

Room On The Broom: This has to be one of our most favorite Halloween books of all time! The story follows a witch and her cat as they happen upon some animals who help the witch. There’s danger, mystery, and friendship in this adorable children’s story.

5 Minute Spooky Stories: We love Disney’s 5 minute storybooks and this one is perfect for Halloween! See how all your favorite Disney characters celebrate this spooky holiday.

Ten Timid Ghosts: This is a fun countdown book about a witch who moves into a haunted house where 10 ghosts already live. The witch scares the ghosts out one by one until they devise a scheme to get her out of their house. This Halloween children’s book is good for kids who love rhyming stories!

Halloween Pattern Block Puzzles | This is a fun hands-on Halloween math activity that's great for kindergarten or preschool. #math #stem #halloweenactivities #kidsactivities

Crafting is beneficial for children’s development because it provides children with the opportunity to be creative and explore different mediums. In addition, crafting can stimulate your child’s curiosity!

Add in some more Halloween crafts with these ideas:

Hands On Math Activities For Elementary | These Halloween themed pattern block mats are great for young children who need work with fine motor skills and who are working on shapes, patterning, symmetry and more. #halloween #elementary #preschool #teachers

These Halloween coloring pages have a fun variety of spooky characters to color. They’re perfect for Halloween and are an easy no prep activity that kids will love!

Halloween is just around the corner and these Halloween do a dot printables are so much fun for learning! They’ll help with fine motor skills, letter and number recognition, and more!

More Halloween Ideas For Kids

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