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7 Fun Sites To Play Preschool Games Online

Preschoolers love to learn and they love to be on screens, so why not combine two of the things they love the most with these great preschool games online

We are sharing our favorite online resources for preschoolers to not only learn, but have fun all at the same time!  

While we personally set limits on screen time, we also allow our kids to have supervised time playing online games. If you’re trying to stay off screens, we also love these educational games for preschoolers!

The Best Online Preschool Games

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PBS Kids

PBS Kids helps make learning easy. While your preschooler plays games on this site they are cultivating a love of learning, especially when it comes to reading.

We love that this is a free resource with so many games available in a variety of categories. They are constantly adding new games and we love that they are divided into different sections so the topic you are looking for is easy to find.   

Some of our favorite games on this website are:

The one downfall that we found on PBS Kids is that online we were not able to sort the games by age or ability, so your child might accidentally click on a game above their level without parental supervision. 

Sesame Street

If your preschooler is a lover of everything Sesame Street, then you will want to introduce them to Sesame Street online. Here your child can play games, watch videos that teach social and emotional issues, and they can even do fun art projects with Elmo and friends.

We love that this website allows you to filter games based on Sesame Street character, so if your child has a favorite they can easily play games that they are in. 

Some of our favorite games are:

Nick Jr.

On Nick Jr, there is so much to do and so many games to play. Here you can watch full episodes of your favorite shows and play games with all your favorite characters.

Your child can easily find all the games by clicking the game button at the top. If your child has a favorite show they can also click on it and then filter to all the educational learning games.  

We love:

Disney Jr.

On Disney Jr. games can be sorted by character which makes it super convenient. Here you will find lots of games, videos, coloring pages, and more for your kids to explore and learn from.

One thing that is unique to Disney Jr is the sticker book function where your kids can use online “stickers” to place them on a background of their choice and then create their very own masterpiece.

Of course, we are huge fans of the Mickey Mouse sticker book in our house. The one downfall to this site was it loaded a bit slower than the rest of the sites. 

Some other fun games your preschooler will enjoy are:

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is jam-packed with over 10,000 activities for your kids to do and learn from. We are huge fans of ABC Mouse in our home. We have used it in the past and our kids love it! It has helped them to learn to read, learn letters and sounds, and much, much, more.

The only downfall to ABC Mouse is that you do have to pay a monthly subscription, but you can cancel it at any time.  We love that this online preschool program tracks our child’s progress as they learn. 

Your child can explore and learn with all different types of activities through:

  • Games
  • Books
  • Songs
  • Puzzles
  • Art 
  • Printables
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CBC Kids

CBC Kids is a fun online game center that kids really love playing. Here they can explore all different types of games that include: adventures, strategy, puzzles, and action.

The one downfall to this site is that it is for kids of all ages, and at first it is difficult to find how to filter the games by ability. They have a “beginner” section, but even some of these are too advanced for this age group. 

Some fun games for preschoolers are: offers so many great games that are specifically geared to preschoolers and they are all free which we love! Here your child will play guessing games, counting games, practice their ABC’s and much more!

This is a site that you can feel comfortable letting your kids explore knowing they are learning while playing right at their ability. 

Some of our favorites include:

Do you have a favorite site that has great online preschool games? Share with us in the comments so we can add it to the list! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.