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Shark Activity Pages For Kids [Free Printable]

We know keeping your kids busy during the summer break can be challenging. The days can seem long without something new to learn or fun to do.

If your kids love learning about the ocean and its creatures, then we have the perfect thing for them! Our shark activity pages are full of fun and engaging activities your little ones will love.

Each page features a different shark-related puzzle, perfect for developing your kids’ observation and problem-solving skills. Include these shark pages in your summer activity list, and watch your kids explore the depths of the ocean!

For some more underwater fun, check out our other shark activities and keep the good times rolling.

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Shark Printables

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In this collection of shark printables, we’ve included the following worksheets:

  • Shark shadow matching
  • Shark maze
  • Shark-themed match the object
  • Shark count and graph

Our shadow matching and match the object pages are designed to help young learners identify and match different objects. These activities are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills.

shark activity pages shadow matching

The next activity is a fun shark maze. Kids have to help navigate their sharks through the meandering ocean path. Watch as they hold their pencil steady and work on their hand strength and dexterity!

The last activity is our shark count and graph. Here, kids must add the underwater creatures together and use this information to create a bar graph. Not only do they practice their counting skills, but they also learn about graphing – another important math concept!

Have your kids grab their pencils and dive into the deep blue sea with our shark activity pages!

Ocean Themed Ideas For Kids

Don’t let the fun stop here; there are plenty more ways to keep your kids entertained this summer.

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite ocean-themed ideas! Your kids will love exploring the underwater world with these fun activities.

Best Ocean Books For Kids

Reading books with kids is not only a fun activity, but it also has numerous benefits on their development during their younger years. Reading teaches children important language and literacy skills, such as communication, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Investing in reading time with your child is a great way to promote their overall growth and prepare them for success in academics and beyond.

The Snail and the Whale– Julia Donaldson, author of the famous book The Gruffalo, brings kids another fun book about an unlikely set of friends. Snail and Whale have lots of fun together in this colorful book!

Shark Lady– This children’s book is based upon the true story of Eugenie Clark, aka, The Shark Lady. Learn about her love of sharks, her discoveries, and the inspiring message of going after what you want in life.

The Rainbow Fish -This is a classic children’s book with a wonderful message for children. In it, a fish learns to share his favorite possession, his glittery scales, with his friends!

shark activity pages shark maze

Ocean Crafts For Kids

As we all know, creativity is an essential part of life, and it needs to be nurtured from an early age. What better way to introduce kids to the world of creativity than through crafts?

Hammerhead Shark Puppet – Making something out of nothing can be so rewarding! Your little marine explorers can turn a regular paper bag into a cute hammerhead shark puppet. It’s an easy-to-follow craft that kids of all ages can enjoy. And it’ll also help develop fine motor skills, such as cutting and sticking.

Jellyfish Name Craft – With our free editable template, setting up this activity is a breeze! Kids can either color their jellyfish in or cut it out from colorful cardstock.

Then they can arrange the letters of their names to make a beautiful and educational decoration – perfect for any classroom or bedroom wall! 

ocean crafts for kids collage

Paper Plate Killer Whale Craft – Kids can create their own killer whale craft with just a few everyday materials. Will they paint their whale the classic black or create something unique? With our step-by-step instructions, your kids will have their little whales swimming around in no time!

Octopus Handprint Craft: Here’s a fun and easy craft for younger kids. Have them trace their hands and turn them into an octopus!

It’s the perfect way to practice hand-eye coordination and get creative with colors. Plus, it makes a great keepsake your kids can proudly show off to their friends and family.

Under The Sea Activities

Who doesn’t love a cheap and easy craft? These octopus cutting activity pages are perfect for honing kids’ fine motor skills. As they practice cutting through each octopus puzzle, their skills will develop, and they’ll have a ton of fun in the process.

These pages are also a great way for kids to learn more about shapes, patterns, and numbers.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring with our crab worksheets. Simply download and print these worksheets to give your kids a fun and unique way to learn.

Alongside learning more about crab anatomy, kids can practice letter recognition and handwriting skills. It’s an engaging and educational activity for kids of all ages!

shark activity pages match the object

These shark connect the dot printables are the perfect pastime to help kids develop their hand-eye coordination. Your little ones can count their way across each page and discover each hidden shark. Once complete, they can color their masterpiece in and hang it up for all to see! 

Download and print our jellyfish dot to dots and watch the hours fly by. These activity sheets are ideal for popping into your bag and taking on vacation.

Kids will practice their counting skills as they connect each dot and also learn about the shape of a jellyfish. Your kids will have so much fun; they won’t even realize they’re learning!

shark activity pages count and graph

Your kids will love these fun and educational ocean animal cut outs. Simply download and print the free template, then let your kids get creative! Have your kids color each ocean animal in and then cut them out. With these little critters at their fingertips, there’s a world of fun to be had!

Ocean Fun

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More Ideas For Kids

Shark Activity Pages Printable

Shark Printables 

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