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Accessibility Statement


We believe that everyone should have equal access to our web content, products, and services regardless of their conditions, disabilities, and technology. Here, at Simple Everyday Mom LLC, we are committed to see this through. Our business has made every effort to reasonably accommodate as many of our customers and potential customers, regardless of mental or physical impairment, disability, or technology use.  

We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to the best we can, and continuously strive to make access easier and better for all. 

Simple Everyday Mom LLC has voluntarily taken active steps toward complying with the WCAG 2.0, Level AA, which is a set of guidelines designed to maximize accessibility of web content.

Some Specific Accessibility Features on Our Website

Our website at contains a third-party plugin, also known as a Widget, called UserWay Website Accessibility (hereafter, “UserWay”).

This particular Widget and others like it have specific use cases, and in some situations can improve web content accessibility by giving the user unique options to take control of the web content appearance. When the user clicks on the Widget, an accessibility menu opens and the user can select to make the text larger, or add more contrast, highlight the links, and more. UserWay has stated that its application makes efforts to follow to some degree the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). On our website, the Widget is located in the upper-right corner of the page.

Third-Party Applications 

Our website may use or is using third-party plugins, add-ons or extensions to expand the ability of our website and certain necessary applications that help with business functionalities, such as Google Analytics, Google Maps, Facebook Pixel, ads, social media, etc. The third-party applications may not work the same for everybody or may not work at all, depending on the type of disability the viewer has and the type of technology they use to access our web content.

We do not have control over these third-party application platforms, and we cannot change anything in their code to make them more accessible. 

Video Content

Our website uses multimedia such as videos to create content and educate/entertain our audiences. We took all reasonable measures to make the videos are accessible to the widest possible audience without personally knowing what disabilities or complications our users or potential users might face. Each video will have the native video sound and closed captioning.


From time to time we anticipate that we will need to make updates and changes to our website and web content to continue maintaining it and making sure it is accessible for the widest possible audience. Our personal goal of being accessible within our reasonable means depends on the knowledge we, as a company, have regarding any specific difficulties our website users, customers, and potential customers deal with because of a particular disability, technology, and other limiting factors. 

We Are Here For You

We strive toward equality for all. Therefore, if you’re having any difficulties accessing or experiencing any content on our website because of a disability, or if you need assistance from us with any part of our website content because of your disability, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We are always happy to assist every single one of our website visitors. 

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