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Terms Of Use

Printable & Crafts Terms Of Use

On my website,, I provide users access to various free (and paid) downloadable content. When you download or purchase a PDF file, you are granted a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use these resources.

By downloading your free or paid PDF files and accessing the craft ideas, you agree that you are NOT allowed to claim the content as your own, store or distribute these files online, print these files and sell the printed copies, link directly to the PDF files, modify, copy, share, reproduce, edit, or make any changes to that content.

You cannot create any derivative work based upon these PDF files or ideas nor can you offer any competing products based upon the files you download or the ideas on this site.

Furthermore, these downloadable files are for personal use only and may not be used commercially (you may not sell or make a profit in any way from these files).

You may save these PDF files to your computer, share the link to the blog post where the printable is discussed and print out as many copies as you would like for home or classroom use.

Safety Terms Of Use

All crafts listed on this site require adult help and supervision.

Adults helping children with these crafts and activities retain responsibility for the safety of their children or students. By making any craft, activity or experiment, you agree to these terms. 

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