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19 Easy Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts [With Free Templates]

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to come together as a family and make some special memories!

If you’ve got little ones at home, they’ll love creating any one of these preschool Thanksgiving crafts.

They’re simple, fun, and quick to make. On top of that, there are no weird supplies to buy and they come with a free printable template!

Just gather the kids, grab a pumpkin snack, and make any one (or all) of these cute PreK Thanksgiving crafts!

We love holidays here at Simple Everyday Mom, so be sure to look through all of these fun Thanksgiving ideas for kids.

Printable Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

collage of Thanksgiving craft images for kids with the words preschool thanksgiving crafts in the middle

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Kids love popsicle stick crafts? If so, they’re going to have a blast making this simple and cute turkey popsicle stick craft. Be sure to download the free template so this fun Thanksgiving craft is easy to recreate!

Everyone loves a good turkey day activity! This toilet paper roll pilgrim craft is an easy Thanksgiving craft for preschool kids that gets everyone involved. We’ve provided a printable template and instructions on how to make this cute little guy with your students or at home as a family project.

This paper plate turkey craft is not only cute and fun for the little ones to make, but also provides a fun jumping-off point to review colors, work on fine motor skills and talk about parts of a turkey. You only need some paper plates and other simple supplies to start – kids of all ages will love this fun activity!

You can’t get enough pilgrim crafts for Thanksgiving, right? This paper bag pilgrim craft is easy to make with our free printable template and paper bags. Be sure to download and make it this November!

Thanksgiving crafts collage

Looking for some more Thanksgiving fun and learning for your kids? Look no further than this Thanksgiving fun bundle! It’s packed with 79 pages of Thanksgiving-themed worksheets, do a dot printables, family activities, and more.

This is the perfect way to get your kids excited about Thanksgiving and help them learn all about this special holiday. So don’t wait – grab the Thanksgiving printables bundle today!

This little corn craft for preschoolers could not be any easier! Pick the bubbled version for older preschoolers who are working on cutting skills or the oval one for beginners. They’re an easy Thanksgiving craft for preschool kids and take just a few minutes to make. 

If your family loves recycled crafts, they’ll have a blast making this toilet paper roll turkey craft! We love PreK Thanksgiving crafts that are simple for young children to make and use up materials we already have on hand.

You can also use brand new cardboard tubes and display the finished project on the kids’ Thanksgiving table.

These funny pilgrim craft for preschoolers are a fabulous craft that can also be educational! Read to them a fun book about the first Thanksgiving, then make this simple craft at home.

Thanksgiving crafts collage

This turkey headband craft is great fun to create and comes with a free printable template with 2 versions! Download the craft version to make one like in the picture above or print out the black and white version for kids to color in.

This handprint turkey craft is one of our most popular on the entire blog because they’re adorable and make a great keepsake too! You only need some simple craft supplies, like construction paper, glue, and scissors to make this easy craft.

Make a cute turkey craft with traditional fall colors, or go wild with a rainbow turkey. Any way your kids can imagine, it’ll turn out lovely!

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread! Make this cute pumpkin craft for preschoolers with your preschooler and talk about all the ways we use pumpkins during the fall.

Let the kids gobble gobble around the house after they make this paper bag turkey craft. It’s simple, comes with a free printable template, and is so much fun to pretend play with!

Thanksgiving crafts collage

How cute is this little acorn guy?! Simply download the free template, gather your card stock and pipe cleaners and make this acorn craft for kids with your preschooler! Older kids will also have a lot of fun making this craft, and they’ll love the way their little acorn buddy turns out.

This gingerbread man turkey disguise is an adventure in imagination, perfect for your kids! It’s a joyride into a world of whimsy. Fall crafts like this encourage them to boost their problem-solving skills and flex their fine motor skills.

Are your kids ready to dive into a sea of fun this Thanksgiving? This disguise a turkey mermaid craft is an enchanting adventure that lets kiddos’ imaginations swim wild! It is also a great way to boost fine motor skills and follow directions. So get them ready to make some waves this holiday season!

Get your kids ready for a gobble-good time! This turkey handprint card craft is a fun-filled adventure that lets them express their artistic side while working on those fine motor skills. It’s also the perfect way to keep young kids busy while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving crafts collage

Step into a world of creativity and history this Thanksgiving! This handprint pilgrim craft is an exciting journey into history. Kids can create their very own pilgrim using simple materials. It is also a great way to learn about the past in a hands-on manner while having fun.

This paper plate pilgrim craft is a joy-filled blend of color, history, and fun! It’s more than just a craft – it’s a hands-on way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, exercise their imaginations, and learn about the first Thanksgiving in an engaging way.

Are you looking for some easy Thanksgiving craft ideas? Our mayflower handprint craft is a fun-filled journey that brings the story of the pilgrims to life. Kids get to flex their creative muscles as they bring their very own mayflower ship to life. It also exercises their imagination while working on those all-important fine motor skills.

Thanksgiving crafts collage

This turkey gnome craft is a fun way for kids to flex their creative muscles and boost their fine motor skills. As they cut, glue, and color their way to a whimsical gnome, they’re not just creating a festive decoration but also exercising hand-eye coordination and focus. If they want, your kids could even add some googly eyes to this fun craft!

Get your kids ready for a fun-filled historical journey with this pilgrim photo craft! It’s about bringing history to life in the most easy way. Kids will absolutely love adding their own photos and designing movable arms and legs for their pilgrims.

Are your kids fans of Pete the Cat? Well, they’re in for a treat! They can bring their favorite storybook character to life with this pete the cat thanksgiving craft. While they’re busy crafting, they’re also sharpening their fine motor skills and learning about the traditions of Thanksgiving.

It’s time for kids to dive into a world where storytelling meets creativity. This there was an old lady who swallowed the turkey craft is more than just a fun-filled activity – it’s a doorway to imagination. It is a simple way to connect with the beloved story, all while sharpening their fine motor and scissor skills.

collage of thanksgiving crafts

Which one will your kids be most excited to make?

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