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Fun Preschool Alphabet Worksheets

Learning the alphabet is a huge building block of early learning. The first step in learning the alphabet is recognizing what each uppercase and lowercase letter looks like.

Once your child recognizes and understands the alphabet, they’ll begin to learn the sounds they make and this will be the foundation for both reading and writing.

We all know it’s important to teach our kids the ABCs, but sometimes we want a quick, fun, and engaging way to reinforce what they’ve been learning. These fun preschool alphabet worksheets are just that!

All you need to do is gather crayons or a dot marker and let your child work through a few of these worksheets!

Also, be sure to check out all of our preschool worksheets for even more ideas.

letter maze worksheet image collage with the words letter mazes in the middle

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How To Use These Printables

If you want to use these alphabet worksheets more than once, you can laminate them and use them with a dry erase marker.

Instead of having them color in each square, you can have them “X” out all of the letters they’re searching for.

letter maze worksheets

If you’re only using them one time, you can have them color the square with markers or crayons. You can also use dot markers to add a circle inside each box.

To bring more variety to the activity, try letting your child use bingo chips, cereal (like Cheerios), buttons, or small erasers to make their way through each of the alphabet mazes.

letter maze worksheets

Skills Learned

These ABC letter mazes will help children learn to distinguish and recognize uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Kids will also work on following directions and fine motor skills as they work through the printables.

To add more learning opportunities to each worksheet, you can begin to discuss the sounds each letter makes.

letter maze worksheets

Every worksheet also has a picture of an animal that begins with the featured letter. If you want to deepen your child’s learning experience, try teaching them a few things about each animal.

If you’d like even more fun ways to learn the alphabet be sure to check out our guide to the best alphabet board games for preschoolers!

To try these out with your kids, be sure to download the free sample pages by leaving your email in the form below.

letter maze worksheet

More Fun Alphabet Ideas

Keeping preschoolers occupied can be challenging! But with some creativity and a few simple activities, you can have fun while helping them develop and grow. 

We have lots of entertaining alphabet activities that’ll have your little ones laughing, learning, and having fun. Keep reading to discover some of our favorites below!

Alphabet Books For Kids

Reading books to your kids is a fabulous way to go deeper into learning the alphabet and recognizing letters. Check out these books from your local library or grab them from Amazon to keep for years to come!

A is for Apple is a fun book for kids to use. This trace-and-flip book introduces children to the alphabet and first words!

Alphaoops!: The Day Z Went First is a story about the comic confusion that comes when the letters of the alphabet, like a class of unruly children, step out of order and show that each one has a mind of its own.

Wild Animal Babies – Introduce your 3- to 5-year-old to the alphabet the fun way with some of the most adorable wild animal babies from around the world!

Alphabet Crafts For Preschool

Elephant Paper Cup Craft (E is for Elephant) – This super fun craft is sure to trump all other activities! With our printable template, your kids can transform a paper cup into a sweet elephant. It’s an amazing way to learn the letter ‘E’ while having lots of trunk-tastic fun! 

Cow Paper Bag Puppet (C is for Cow) – Get ready for moo-velous fun! Kids can craft their very own cow with a regular paper bag and our easy template. Include this udder-ly entertaining craft in your next lesson on farm animals, and don’t forget to talk about the letter ‘C’! 

animal craft ideas

Frog Headband Craft (F is for Frog) – Do your little ones love imaginative play? With our cute frog headbands, pretend play will get a whole lot more fun! Kids will love hopping around in this creative craft, and you’ll love how they’re exploring and learning the letter ‘F.’ It’ll be ribbit-ing good fun! 

Moose Handprint Craft (M is for Moose) – It’s time to get crafty with your kid’s handprints! Have your kids trace and cut out their hands to make a moose-terpiece!

This activity helps little ones with manual dexterity, and they’ll learn about the letter ‘M,’ too. Once finished, their adorable moose will make a great decoration for the classroom or at home. 

Alphabet Activities For Kids

Our ice cream worksheets (I is for ice cream) will put a smile on your kiddos’ faces! Perfect for younger kids, this activity is ideal for letter recognition and working on simple handwriting skills.

Each page is filled with colorful ice cream treats for a sweet take on learning – your kids won’t be able to resist!

Unicorns are full of wonder, and so is this activity! Our unicorn worksheets (u is for unicorn) will help kids develop their fine motor skills while keeping them entertained.

With a colorful, playful theme, kids will be eager to fill the pages with their hard work. Get ready for some magical learning with these worksheets.

preschool worksheets

These Eating the Alphabet printables are the perfect activity to do after reading Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert. With colorful fruit and veggie pictures, kids will be excited to practice the letters of the alphabet. This activity is great for letter recognition, matching, and lots more!

For more alphabet fun, try these I spy letters printables! Your little ones must locate each specific letter in the puzzles and color them in. This letter activity will help kids practice their letter recognition and visual scanning skills! Keep this activity handy for an educational break that you and your kids will love.

Free Alphabet Maze Sample Pages

ABC Maze Sample

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